Lin Ruiteng, Yao Yuanrong: Light supply apparatus with large light-emitting angle and manufacturing method thereof. AU Optronics, Guo Wei, May 19, 2010: CN200910260518

The invention provides a light supply apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof. The light supply apparatus comprises a base, a light-emitting chip and a sealed mirror body, wherein the light-emitting chip is arranged on the base; the sealed mirror body is covered on the base and surrounds the li ...

Zhang Yujia: Method for quickly starting system. MiTAC Technology Corporation, Guo Wei, May 12, 2010: CN200910225612

The invention discloses a method for quickly starting a system. In the invention, a windows system is installed in a computer system, wherein the windows system comprises a server, a window manager and at least one application program; the server, the window manager and application programs are star ...

Lin Yongxu, Wang Zhisong, Xu Shengkai: Layout method and circuit board. AU Optronics, Guo Wei, May 12, 2010: CN200910222290

The invention relates to a layout method and a circuit board. The circuit board is electrically coupled between two circuits, and comprises a plurality of first pins, a plurality of second pins, a chip placement area and a winding area, wherein the first pins are electrically coupled to one of the t ...

Roy Vincent, Marinier Paul: Method and system wherein timeslots allocated for common control channels may be reused for user traffic. Interdigital Tech, Guo Wei, May 12, 2010: CN200910222292

A method and system is disclosed wherein timeslots designated in a wireless communication system as Common Physical Channel (CPCH) timeslots may be reused for user traffic. A CPCH timeslot used in a first cell may be reused by a second cell, assuming the first and second cells transmit control infor ...

Jiang Xinchang, Zheng Jinghong: Backlight module, frame assembly for same and display. AU Optronics, Guo Wei, June 16, 2010: CN200910262574

The invention relates to a frame assembly for a backlight module, comprising a first frame and a second frame, wherein the first frame is provided with a first side wall and a second side wall, and a first blow hole is formed at an abutting corner of the first side wall and the second side wall; the ...