Rudolf Marian, Roy Vincent: Method for transmit and receive power control in mesh systems. Interdigital Tech, Guo Wei, March 18, 2009: CN200680011320

A method and an apparatus for controlling transmit and receive power level of a mesh point operating in a mesh wireless communication network of a plurality of MPs. Power capability information of a new MP is sent to at least one existing MP in the mesh network. The existing MP accepts the new MP as ...

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A multiple radio access technology (RAT) apparatus with mobility middleware provides a user with access to various RAT networks, such as a frequency division duplex (FDD) network and a wireless local area network (WLAN). In one embodiment, the apparatus is a dual mode FDD/WLAN converged wireless com ...

Cuffaro Angelo, Ali Ahmed: Congestion control in wireless 802.11e environment. Interdigital Tech, Guo Wei, April 22, 2009: CN200680003493

A method and an apparatus for alleviating congestion of a wireless medium used by an access point (AP) and a plurality of wireless transmit/receive units (WTRUs) are disclosed. If congestion is determined to exist on the wireless medium, a determination is then made as to whether there are any low p ...

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A method and apparatus for efficiently processing packets from neighboring basic service sets (BSSs) to characterize the traffic within a wireless local area network (WLAN), mesh network, or similar wireless communication system is disclosed. The apparatus may be an access point (AP) in a BSS which ...

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A receiver or an integrated circuit (IC) incorporated therein includes a fast Fourier transform (FFT)-based (or hybrid FFT-based) sliding window block level equalizer (BLE) for generating equalized samples. The BLE includes a noise power estimator, first and second channel estimators, an FFT-based c ...

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A method and system for generating a secret key from joint randomness shared by wireless transmit/receive units (WTKUs) are disclosed. A first WTRU and a second WTRU perform channel estimation to generate a sampled channel impulse response (CIR) on a channel between the first WTRU and the second WTR ...