David P Summers: Distal atherectomy catheter. American BioMed, Gunn Lee & Miller, February 11, 1992: US05087265 (220 worldwide citation)

This disclosure sets out a catheter for bodily insertion. The catheter tip supports an elongate hollow housing with a window for occlusive material cutting, a cutter head on the interior rotates, driven by a drive wire in the hollow catheter tube. In addition, the cutter head reciprocates or oscilla ...

David P Summers: Distal atherectomy catheter. American Biomed, Gunn Lee & Miller, February 19, 1991: US04994067 (205 worldwide citation)

A distal atherectomy catheter comprises a flexible outer catheter tube housing a reciprocal cutting element at its distal end. The cutting element is connected to an inner catheter tube concentrically located within the outer catheter tube. An annular passage defined between the inner and outer tube ...

Gregory S DeLange: Method and device for surgically joining luminal structures. Gunn Lee & Miller P C, September 10, 1996: US05554162 (199 worldwide citation)

A method and a device for joining luminal structures. The device is comprised of a bridge, typically cylindrical, having an interior dimension to receive two sets of curved needles and having a series of holes or channels at each end for passage of the needles through the body of the bridge. A plung ...

Ned H C Hwang, David P Summers: Helifoil pump. American Biomed, Gunn Lee & Miller, November 13, 1990: US04969865 (175 worldwide citation)

A temporary circulatory assist pump is disclosed for implantation in the heart of a patient through the femoral artery. The pump is driven by a flexible drive shaft extending through a catheter and being connected to a power source outside the body of the patient. The pump utilizes a helical-shaped ...

Stephen S Burkhart: Endoscopic suture knotting instrument. Gunn Lee & Miller, June 8, 1993: US05217471 (173 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for tightening of knots formed at a remote location in the body through the endoscopic surgical technique utilizing a knot pusher (10) having a cylindrical end face with diametrically opposed suture guide notches (16) formed on such end face (14). The knot pusher (10) defines ...

David P Summers: Atherectomy catheter. American Biomed, Gunn Lee & Miller, July 25, 1989: US04850957 (154 worldwide citation)

An atherectomy catheter is disclosed comprising an outer catheter tube and an inner catheter tube centrally received within the outer catheter tube and defining an annular passage therebetween. A hydraulic motor is housed within the inner catheter tube and includes a cutting element connected to the ...

Greg McDougall: Toothbrush. Gunn Lee & Miller P C, May 6, 1997: US05625916 (150 worldwide citation)

An electrical driven toothbrush has a rotatable shaft with a remote end which fits into a slot in a bristle holder. The holder is mounted for rotation on a post supported by a head. When the shaft rotates the remote end describes a circle and driving engages the slot to cause the holder to vibrate.

Stephen S Burkhart: Drill guide device for arthroscopic surgery. Gunn Lee & Miller, July 19, 1994: US05330468 (143 worldwide citation)

A drill guide device for drilling straight tunnels through bone, the drill guide device having a hollow aiming tube with a curved end and a hollow receiving tube with a curved end. The aiming tube and the receiving tube are both attached to a curved frame for allowing angular adjustment between the ...

Cheryl L Carter: Inventory control including individual patient listing and medical chart record for medication cart. Gunn Lee & Miller, November 6, 1990: US04967928 (142 worldwide citation)

A medicine cart is set forth and a means and method of dispensing medicines including narcotics on nurse rounds is disclosed. The cart includes a CPU with memory and various input devices. The cart has a locked section to secure narcotics. As nurse rounds are made, individual doses of narcotics and ...

Herbert D Freed: Flexible light rail. Lucifier Lighting Company, Gunn Lee & Miller, June 25, 1991: US05027262 (138 worldwide citation)

A light rail system for supporting light fixtures which is flexible so as to conform to curved and irregular surfaces. The light rail has two strips, fabricated from a single piece of conductive material, surrounded by upper and lower tracks of insulative material. A concave reflecting surface is in ...