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Angled insertable drag bit teeth having a front portion at an oblique angle to a shank portion: the front portion is nearly parallel to the direction of thrust during cutting, and is bonded, along a substantial part of its length, to a groove in the bit body. The shank portion extends down into a po ...

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An image display system with one or more client computers in selective communication with a visual server having image processing capabilities. The client computer generates image modifying data corresponding to a generated image, and transmits the data to the visual server. The visual server receiv ...

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A novel and improved roller cone drill bit and method of design are disclosed. A roller cone drill bit for drilling through subterranean formations having an upper connection for attachment to a drill string, and a plurality cutting structures rotatably mounted on arms extending downward from the co ...

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Roller cone drilling wherein the bit optimization process equalizes the downforce (axial force) for the cones (as nearly as possible, subject to other design constraints). Bit performance is significantly enhanced by equalizing downforce.

David Baldwin: Order-independent 3D graphics binning architecture. 3DLabs, Groover & Associates, March 17, 2009: US07505036 (58 worldwide citation)

A binning architecture that allows opaque and transparent primitives to be segregated automatically into pairs of bins covering the same bin rectangle on the screen. When the frame is complete, the opaque bin will be rendered first and then the transparent bin will be rendered repeatedly using the d ...

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An insert is provided for a rock bit for drilling bore holes in the ground and other downhole tools. The cutting portion of the inserts consist of encrusted cubic boron nitride pellets, tungsten carbide particles and a binder material which are fused together to form a unitary body. The cubic boron ...

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An apparatus and accompanying method for monitoring and reporting downhole bit failure. Individual sensors are placed on a sub which is separate from the drill bit itself, and are powered by a vibration driven power system. The sensor readings are used to compute values which represent the ratios of ...

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The present invention allows the load carrying capability of a drill bit journal bearing or bushing to be increased. The present invention increases the length of the journal bushing by using the ball bearings to retain the journal bushing at a desired location between the journal and the cutter con ...

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A clip or protrusion which is built into the mechanism of a parking meter allows the mechanism to be attached outside the meter housing in an upright position so that it can be evaluated and simple repairs can be performed quickly without dropping the mechanism onto the pavement. By designing the cl ...

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A graphics system using multiple processors which is able to fully support multi-processor operation using only PCI read operations between processors. Each of the graphics processors performs its operations on its respective scanlines, and writes to its own framebuffer, but the need for writes from ...