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A tissue suturing assembly (10) and method involves C-shaped suturing staples (16) embedded in a cartridge (14) formed of a carrier (18) and opposite cartridge jaws (20 and 22). The opposite cartridge jaws are moved linearly along a track in the carrier to bend the C-shaped staples into spiraling ov ...

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A slotted, partially-flared, cylindrically shaped core 12 is mounted inside a tubularly-shaped sleeve 20 with a flared end portion 16 extending out the end of the sleeve 20. A flexible needle 24, which is longer than either the core or the sleeve, is held in each of the core slots 18 by the sleeve, ...

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A non-contact row crop sensor comprises one or more transmitter/receptor pairs mounted on two row separators of a harvesting machine. Each transmitter transmits an energy beam to one of the receptors and the energy beams cross at a point which defines a position of the harvesting machine relative to ...

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The invention is a system for protecting the security of computer files. It has hardware elements, including a programmable auxiliary memory and control unit along with associated software elements. The security subsystem is installed on the host computer bus so that it resides in the control logic, ...

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In a cache/disk sybsystem employing the post-store technique, each file is assigned a file number. The file number is an address in a directory on a disk, this address containing pointers to the physical disk space assigned to that file. During normal operation of the subsystem a device number and a ...

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An indwelling urethral catheter system and method of its use involve a drainage shaft (16) mounted in a urinary tract (24) having an externally-operated, normally-closed, fluid valve (38) mounted therein near the meatus (22) of the urinary tract. A removable insertion conduit assembly (12), separate ...

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This light emitting element comprises three differently colored luminous sources the excitation of which varies as a function of a signal developed by a physical phenomenon sensor, in particular a microphone. The analog signal emitted by the sensor is initially converted into a sequence of electrica ...

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Upon the detection of an appropriate apnea event, respirating gas supply apparatus according to various embodiments supply stimulus to the upper airway passages of an in vivo respiratory system in an effort to dislodge any occlusion or obstruction in the upper airway passages. In one embodiment the ...

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The alarm arrangement is among those in which an alarm is released by the coincidence of a first contact point coupled to the going train of the timepiece with a second contact point coupled to an index the position of which may be regulated by a manual control element. In this arrangement the secon ...

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This light emitting element (24) constitutes a pixel a plurality of which when arranged in rows and columns may form a matrix display board.