Alexander L Tsakiris, David L Lawson: Remote controlled electronic presentation system. Mind Path Technologies, Gregory W Carr, April 20, 1993: US05204768 (207 worldwide citation)

An electronic presentation system is presented utilizing a wireless remote for controlling a digital computer, one or more display or storage/playback devices and an audience response system. A Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program within the digital computer manages the wireless remote. The dig ...

Charles Osborn: Biodegradable disposable diaper. Gregory W Carr, October 23, 1990: US04964857 (96 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an improved disposable diaper that is biodegradable, sanitary and environmentally safe. In general, the improved diaper has a removable inner sheet of material disposed of by flushing in a toilet or water closet. The remainder of the diaper is made of a biodegradable ...

Mark J Rise: Back support belt. Gregory W Carr, June 6, 1995: US05421809 (46 worldwide citation)

The invention includes a back support belt having a dual-belt assembly in which a wide, elastic inner belt completely encircles the abdominal and lower lumbar regions of the body. The inner belt is secured before a second, relatively less elastic outer belt, primarily providing rigid support, is fas ...

Alex L Tsakiris, David R Lawson, Martin H Phillips: Computer mouse. Mind Path Technologies, Gregory W Carr, October 8, 1996: US05563630 (44 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes a remote mouse controller having a disc controller actuable by a user for the infrared remote signalling of all common mouse functional operations. Depression along the edge of the disc controller signals cursor movement and direction operations. Depression in the cent ...

William P Bagwell, Marlin L Bagwell: Container for recyclable materials. Gregory W Carr, April 7, 1992: US05101997 (43 worldwide citation)

The invention is a receptacle for separately holding and dispensing waste articles of different materials, such as aluminum, glass, plastic, paper, and the like. The receptacle includes a number of bins, each for containing articles constructed of a specified material. The bins are separately remova ...

Oland B Clifton: Retractable rifle support. Gregory W Carr, October 11, 1988: US04776124 (43 worldwide citation)

The invention disclosed is a retractable support having one or more support legs secured to a rifle stock by a housing. Each support legs is stored within the rifle stock when not in use. The support legs can be slid from the end of the rifle stock to an extended position substantially parallel to t ...

Norman D Oswald, Robert R Dean, Harry S Mankey: Aerial weapons handling trailer. Standard Manufacturing Co, Michael A O Neil, Gregory W Carr, June 11, 1985: US04522548 (26 worldwide citation)

An aerial weapons handling trailer includes a frame comprising longitudinally extending beams and a cross beam interconnecting the front ends of the longitudinally extending beams. The frame is supported on wheels which are pivotable between positions wherein the trailer is movable longitudinally an ...

Stephen D Pittsinger: Apparatus and method for adapting sensors to an irrigation controller. Tri Phase, Gregory W Carr, May 1, 1990: US04921001 (23 worldwide citation)

There is provided a method and an apparatus for adapting a conventional freeze and rain sensors to be used with a water irrigation system in which a water valve is retracted by a latching solenoid.

Gerald L Printz: Eating utensil. Gregory W Carr, March 7, 1989: US04809435 (21 worldwide citation)

An eating utensil (10) which, when used, resembles chopsticks, but which does not require the skilled manipulation of chopsticks. The utensil (10) includes a pair of handles (12 and 14) resembling chopsticks that converge toward their distal ends (16 and 18), where they are secured to a food-engagin ...

James Albert Glaser, Ronald William Glaser, Daniel R Glaser, Justin R Minchey: Fiber optic splice closure and protection apparatus. ACT Communications, Gregory W Carr, Winstead Sechrest & Minick P C, July 29, 1997: US05652820 (13 worldwide citation)

A fiber optic splice closure permits grounding a fiber optic backbone cable but allows for propagation of cable-locating signals along the full length of the backbone cable and along fiber optic spur cables spliced to the backbone cable in the closure. An electrically conductive sheath of the backbo ...