Laurence Daniel Hardesty: Financial transaction system with retirement saving benefit. Gregory J Nelson, August 22, 2000: US06105865 (509 worldwide citation)

The system is a rebate program for the benefit of participating individuals such as wage earners. Participating individuals apply and are approved and are issued a card with an identifiable account number using credit approval systems. The card may include debit, smart card, customer loyalty and sec ...

Philip Pollack: Animal monitoring telltale and information system. Gregory J Nelson, August 8, 1989: US04854328 (216 worldwide citation)

An animal monitoring telltale device including a receiver attached to the animal and a transmitting device inserted in the animal subcutaneously or in a cavity at a location indicative of the deep body temperature of the animal. The implanted transmitter will send a signal to the proximately located ...

Carol L Brierley, Lisa Wolf: Protector for IV site. Gregory J Nelson, May 26, 1992: US05116324 (153 worldwide citation)

A protector for a venepuncture site having a flexible base with peripherally extending taping tabs for adhesively securing the protector about the venepuncture site. An openable transparent shield or cover is hinged to the base to provide acces to the site. The opposite ends of the base form opening ...

Edward Gene Mueller: Expandable support member. Gregory J Nelson, August 25, 1998: US05797951 (123 worldwide citation)

An expandable support generally in the form of an annulus. The support has a plurality of segments with sections having cooperating engagement which permit circumferential expansion upon application of force. In a preferred application, the support may be inserted by a balloon catheter into an occlu ...

Daniel M Lieberman: Spinal vertebral fusion implant and method. Gregory J Nelson, January 4, 2005: US06837905 (122 worldwide citation)

An implant and method for fusion of adjacent vertebra. The implant has a curved plate having bores for reception of bone screws. In one embodiment, aligned medial sots extend longitudinally in the plate. An interbody graft is attached to or is integrally formed with the plate. In use, retraction pos ...

Armand G Mezey: Waste collection system for segregating solid waste into preselected component materials. Gregory J Nelson, July 30, 1991: US05035563 (111 worldwide citation)

An improved waste collection system having an on-site container which is internally compartmented to receive and separately store the various waste components such as aluminum, glass, paper and land-fill trash. The route collection vehicle is divided into chambers and has a compaction system for com ...

Mark D Chambers: Comfort insole. Gregory J Nelson, September 3, 1996: US05551173 (96 worldwide citation)

A reversible insole having a composite structure in which a base insole layer of resilient cushioning material has fabric bonded to its opposite surfaces. Protuberances extend from one surface so the insole may be worn as either a massaging insole or a comfort insole. The insole may be printed with ...

Murray R Davidson: Cushioning pad. Gregory J Nelson, October 28, 1986: US04619055 (85 worldwide citation)

A cushioning pad or mat for protecting the human foot and body while walking or standing. The mat is of a bonded, multi-layer construction with an upper moisture-absorbing layer, an intermediate resilient layer of foam rubber which will mold to the individual's particular foot contour and irregulari ...

Daniel W Parmley Sr: Electric vehicle charging station system. Gregory J Nelson, December 8, 1998: US05847537 (83 worldwide citation)

A charging station system of electric vehicles having a building which contains the charging equipment and may provide other auxiliary services. The system includes a T-bar which extends from the building to provide charging stalls or locations spaced along the T-bar. The building is modular and inc ...

Christopher L Gamble: Golf club. Gregory J Nelson, April 6, 1999: US05890973 (80 worldwide citation)

A golf club having a head defining a recess which receives an insert. In a preferred embodiment, the insert includes a conical head and a projection extending rearwardl from the cap to the rear of the club to reinforce the face of the club and transmits impact forces to the rear of the club.