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A dynamic network security system (20) responds to a security attack (92) on a computer network (22) having a multiplicity of computer nodes (24). The security system (20) includes a plurality of security agents (36) that concurrently detect occurrences of security events (50) on associated computer ...

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A communication network keeps track of the locations of mobile units which utilize the network. On powering up, the mobile units determine their current locations using signals broadcast, for example, by overhead satellites. They then send data communication messages to the network describing their ...

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A communication system service billing arrangement is described that adapts to system loading in realtime. As system loading varies, one or more individual subscribers units (ISU) of a communication system are provided with realtime information on the current cost of the communication service. The s ...

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A bridge is provided between a conventional network scheduling tool and a conventional performance measurement tool which automatically ties the two together. The combination is adapted to operate within an organization having numerous resources that are used to accomplish projects. Data required by ...

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In a global communication system that includes a constellation of satellite nodes that move with respect to each other, data packets are routed across communication links in a evenly distributed fashion. Uniform link usage is achieved within allowed routes determined by end to end transport delay cr ...

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A communications network is capable of using time division multiple access (TDMA) techniques, code division multiple access (CDMA) techniques, or a combination of both. A subscriber unit (

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A telephone, such as a radiotelephone, is provided having the capability to concurrently operate with two subscriber identification module (SIM) cards. The telephone advantageously permits a single phone to have two telephone numbers associated therewith.