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This disclosure includes a current sensor configured to detect a signal current in a drilling system component of a drilling system, a telemetry system, and a method for detecting a signal current. The current sensor includes a magnetic body, at least one field coil positioned on the magnetic body, ...

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A system, apparatus and method for monitoring a drilling operation includes receiving a signal via a first pair of antennas positioned on a surface of the earthen formation. The signal received by the first pair of antennas has a first signal characteristic. The method includes receiving the signal ...

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A system and method can include a module including at least one actuation assembly configured to transition between an inactive configuration and an active configuration. The system include at least one sensor configured to obtain data that is indicative of an operating parameter, and at least one p ...

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A drilling system including a drill string, an EM telemetry assembly, and an electric contact assembly that defines an electrical connection with the drill string. The electric contact assembly permits a portion of the EM tool to slide along a portion of the drill string during drill string assembly ...