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A complimentary pair of compound semiconductor junction heterostructure field-effect transistors and a method for their manufacture are disclosed. The p-channel junction heterostructure field-effect transistor uses a strained layer to split the degeneracy of the valence band for a greatly improved h ...

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A semiconductor light-emitting device and method. The semiconductor light-emitting device is provided with at least one control layer or control region which includes an annular oxidized portion thereof to channel an injection current into the active region, and to provide a lateral refractive index ...

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Multivariate classification techniques are applied to spectra from cell and tissue samples irradiated with infrared radiation to determine if the samples are normal or abnormal (cancerous). Mid and near infrared radiation can be used for in vivo and in vitro classifications using at least different ...

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A person-specific monitor that provides sensor information regarding hazards to which the person is exposed and means to geolocate the person at the time of the exposure. The monitor also includes means to communicate with a remote base station. Information from the monitor can be downloaded at the ...

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A back-contacted solar cell having laser-drilled vias connecting the front-surface carrier-collector junction to an electrode grid on the back surface. The structure may also include a rear surface carrier-collector junction connected to the same grid. The substrate is connected to a second grid whi ...

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The disclosed solid state mass memory system comprises an adaptive, wafer scale integration, nonvolatile mass memory system organized as a stack of individual memory wafer modules with a memory system control means.

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A method for providing a realistic sense of touch in virtual reality by means of programmable actuator assemblies is disclosed. Each tactile actuator assembly consists of a number of individual actuators whose movement is controlled by a computer and associated drive electronics. When an actuator is ...

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This modulator mirror comprises at least two partially transparent reflector stacks bonded to two separate substrates held apart by spacers to create a parallel gap between the partially transparent reflector stacks wherein the gap has a reference spacing of an even number of quarter wavelengths of ...

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A display system is constructed such that upon failure of the primary display which comprises a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that becomes transparent upon failure, a backup display located directly beneath the primary display becomes visible to the display user.

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A programmable optical filter for use in multispectral and hyperspectral imaging. The filter splits the light collected by an optical telescope into two channels for each of the pixels in a row in a scanned image, one channel to handle the positive elements of a spectral basis filter and one for the ...