Daniel J Mendez: System and method for using a workspace data manager to access, manipulate and synchronize network data. Visto Corporation, Graham & James, November 21, 2000: US06151606 (405 worldwide citation)

A system includes a communications module for downloading workspace data from a remote site, an application program interface coupled to the communications module for communicating with a workspace data manager to enable manipulation of the downloaded workspace data and thereby create manipulated da ...

Daniel J Mendez, Mark D Riggins, Prasad Wagle, Christine C Ying: System and method for using a global translator to synchronize workspace elements across a network. Visto Corporation, Graham & James, February 8, 2000: US06023708 (395 worldwide citation)

A system uses a global translator to automatically synchronize multiple copies of a workspace element across different formats between multiple sites in a secure network environment, independent of whether the sites are protected by site firewalls. The secure network environment includes a global se ...

Daniel J Mendez, Mark D Riggins, Prasad Wagle, Christine C Ying: System and method for synchronizing electronic mail between a client site and a central site. Roampage, Graham & James, October 5, 1999: US05961590 (392 worldwide citation)

A system includes an e-mail engine which uses a proper protocol to retrieve an e-mail from a first mail store and to store the e-mail in one or more folder structures. Upon request, the first mail store may send configuration data indicating the proper protocol to the e-mail engine, which can then p ...

Shlomo Touboul: System and method for protecting a computer and a network from hostile downloadables. Finjan Software, Graham & James, July 18, 2000: US06092194 (366 worldwide citation)

A system protects a computer from suspicious Downloadables. The system comprises a security policy, an interface for receiving a Downloadable, and a comparator, coupled to the interface, for applying the security policy to the Downloadable to determine if the security policy has been violated. The D ...

Mark D Riggins, R Stanley Bailes, Hong O Bui, David I Cowan, Daniel I Mendez, Mason Ng, Sean Michael Quinlan, Prasad Wagle, Christine C Ying, Christopher R Zuleeg, Joanna A Aptekar Strober: System and method for globally accessing computer services. Visto Corporation, Graham & James, October 10, 2000: US06131116 (319 worldwide citation)

A system for communicating through a computer network. The system includes a communications engine for establishing a communications link with a server, a browser, coupled to the communications engine, for receiving applet information corresponding to a service from the server, and an applet engine ...

Naohiro Kosugi, Katsuji Yoshimura, Youji Semba: Image control apparatus. Yamaha Corporation, Graham & James, July 20, 1993: US05229756 (301 worldwide citation)

An image control apparatus which is essentially composed of a movement detector, a judging device, and a controller wherein the movement detector detects the movement of the operator and generates a movement signal corresponding to the detected movement of the operator. The judgement device determin ...

Daniel J Mendez, Mark D Riggins, Prasad Wagle, Christine C Ying: System and method for securely synchronizing multiple copies of a workspace element in a network. RoamPage, Graham & James, July 4, 2000: US06085192 (286 worldwide citation)

A system includes a general synchronization module at the client site for operating within a first firewall and for examining first version information to determine whether a first workspace element has been modified. The system further includes a synchronization agent at a global server for operati ...

Jay Yoakum: Encapsulated implantable transponder. Avid Indentification Systems, David B Graham & James Abel Esq, October 5, 1999: US05963132 (278 worldwide citation)

An EID or RFID transponder having an encapsulant with an open end to allow insertion of the transponder circuitry and a phase changing material such as an epoxy used to both secure the circuitry of the transponder within the encapsulant and seal the open end of the encapsulant.

David W Gordon, David C Stallmo, David M Warner, William A Brant, Walter A Hubis: Arrayed disk drive system and method. Array Technology Corporation, Graham & James, September 15, 1992: US05148432 (237 worldwide citation)

An arrayed disk drive system for providing memory to a computer, said arrayed system having a plurality of disk drives configured to form an array, said arrayed disk drives accessed by a plurality of channels, each channel accessing a plurality of disk drives, including a means for controlling the l ...

Christopher E Banas, Tarun J Edwin: Encapsulated stent. Impra, Graham & James, September 26, 2000: US06124523 (235 worldwide citation)

An encapsulated stent including a stent or structural support layer sandwiched between two biocompatible flexible layers. One preferred embodiment has a stent cover which includes a tubular shaped stent that is concentrically retained between two tubular shaped grafts of expanded polytetrafluoroethy ...

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