Michael Stroetmann: Fibrinogen-containing dry preparation, manufacture and use thereof. Serapharm Michael Stroetmann, Gordon W Hueschen, April 17, 1984: US04442655 (180 worldwide citation)

A dry preparation having a foam-like and, respectively, fleece-like structure obtained by freeze-drying consists, apart from thrombin in at least catalytically active amounts, substantially of approx. 10 to 95% by weight of fibrin and approx. 5 to 90% by weight of fibrinogen. For the preparation the ...

Michael Stroetmann: Enriched plasma derivative for advancement of wound closure and healing. Serapharm Michael Stroetmann, Gordon W Hueschen, January 24, 1984: US04427650 (147 worldwide citation)

A preparation for accelerated hemostasis and optimized biochemical control of wound closure ("tissue adhesive") consists only of solid, powdery, biologically active constituents and contains 60 to 96% by weight of fibrinogen, which is largely liberated from cryo-insoluble globulin, 0.05 to 5% by wei ...

Michael Stroetmann: Enriched plasma derivative for enhancement of wound closure and coverage. Serapharm Michael Stroetmann, Gordon W Hueschen, January 24, 1984: US04427651 (132 worldwide citation)

A sprayable preparation for accelerated hemostasis and optimized biochemical control of wound closure contains a powdery mixture of 15 to 60% by weight of thrombin, 5 to 80% by weight of a desiccating and stabilizing agent, viz., albumin, globulin and/or fibrinogen, and 1 to 10% by weight of a fibri ...

Ake R Lindahl, Stig A B Erlandsson: Membrane-coated sustained-release tablets and method. Ferrosan, Gordon W Hueschen, December 10, 1985: US04557925 (115 worldwide citation)

A sustained-release coated pharmaceutical tablet comprising a drug-containing tablet and a coating or membrane surrounding the same, wherein the coating or membrane is water-insoluble and insoluble in gastrointestinal fluids and consists essentially of a terpolymer of polyvinylchloride, polyvinylace ...

Koichi Shudo: Stilbene derivatives. Gordon W Hueschen, February 2, 1988: US04723028 (111 worldwide citation)

The application discloses certain stilbene compounds, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, method of treating thereof, method of diagnosis therewith, and method for the preparation thereof. The compounds and compositions are useful for diagnosis of leukemia types, the treatment of dermatological dis ...

Gerald Guillaumet, Christine Flouzat, Michelle Devissaguet, Pierre Renard, Daniel H Caignard, Gerard Adam: Oxazolopyridine compounds, compositions and use. Adir et Compagnie, Gordon W Hueschen, July 14, 1992: US05130311 (104 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the analgesic compounds of general formula (I): ##STR1## in which: R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3, R.sub.4, A, Z and m are as defined in the description, their isomers, epimers and diastereoisomers, their addition salts with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid and, when R.sub.1 an ...

Massimo Calanchi: Process for preparing microcapsules in a liquid vehicle. Eurand S p A, Gordon W Hueschen, July 17, 1984: US04460563 (102 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process for preparing microcapsules in a liquid vehicle, allowing to microencapsulate both water soluble and water insoluble substances, using either ionic or non-ionic systems, in which the membrane enclosing the core of the microcapsules is formed by a polymer selected f ...

Jan E Lilja, Sven E L Nilsson: Tobacco compositions, method and device for releasing essentially pure nicotine. Leo, Gordon W Hueschen, October 11, 1988: US04776353 (80 worldwide citation)

Novel tobacco compositions which, when subjected to an elevated temperature below the combustion temperature of the tobacco, liberates essentially pure nicotine. The invention also includes a method for liberating nicotine from the compositions and a device for carrying out the method.

Sadaaki Takagi, Shigetsugu Yura, Masaki Fukuda: Air conditioner for vehicular seat. Takagi Chemicals, Gordon W Hueschen, February 25, 1986: US04572430 (76 worldwide citation)

An air conditioner for a vehicular seat, comprising a seat formed of a support frame and an air-pervious cushioning member resting on said support frame and provided within said cushioning member with an electric heater and in the lower part of said cushioning member with air supply means serving to ...

Klaus P Bogeso, Anders S Toft: Anti-depressive substituted 1-dimethylaminopropyl-1-phenyl phthalans. Kefalas, Gordon W Hueschen, January 23, 1979: US04136193 (72 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to phthalans of the following general formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 each represents halogen, a trifluoromethyl group, a cyano group or R--CO-- wherein R is an alkyl-radical with from 1-4 C-atoms inclusive, as well as acid addition salts thereof with phar ...

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