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The invention includes nanochannel devices and methods for using such nanochannel devices for separating molecules, ions and biomolecules. The nanochannel devices have at least one nanochannel through which fluid can move, wherein ionic double layers form in the fluid near walls of the nanochannel a ...

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A highly dispersed, unsupported, electrocatalyst made of pyrolyzed porphyries and a method for synthesizing the same. The disclosed synthesis procedure allows for optimization of pore size and therefore transport properties. Compounds suitable for use include transition metal N4-chelates such as, bu ...

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A virtual game environment in which characters are allowed to give help to one another and in which the game tracks the amount of helpfulness of each character is provided. Characters may be rewarded or paid for giving help to each other. In some embodiments, help may be given in the form of advice.

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A miniature linear ion trap (MLIT) with a length of less than 30 mm is provided for ion focusing in the axial plane. The MLIT has multipoles for applying an AC voltage to ions and tubular entrance and exit lenses for applying a DC voltage to the ions. In another aspect, MLIT includes electrodes with ...

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The invention relates to lipid bilayer coated beads and methods of using those beads in immunoassays, in analytical assay and the like.

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A putter-fitting system that allows for quick and easy alteration of various aspects of the putter including, but not limited to, weighting, lie angle, and hosel style is described. Also described are a cam-based putter face release mechanism, a cam-based hosel release mechanism and/or an interchang ...

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A distance of flight (DOF) approach to mass spectroscopy in which the resolution among the various ion masses is accomplished in space rather than time. A separate detector is associated with each ion mass resolution element. The DOF mass spectrometer can serve as one element in a tandem arrangement ...

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A putter fitting method and system comprising a laser configured to deflect a laser beam off of a putter at address and strike a scoring map in such a way so as to indicate the any error's in a golfer's aim. The method and system may further comprise determining physical alterations to the golfer's ...

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A distance-of-flight mass spectrometer (DOF-MS) imparts constant momentum acceleration to ions in an ion source and uses an ion mirror to enhance energy focusing. Embodiments of DOF-MS with ion mirror are shown. Further, a method of compensating for the dispersion of initial ion position and velocit ...

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An analytical device such as a flow cytometer is provided in which a fluid sample flowing through a channel is focused into multiple, parallel particle streams by an acoustic wave field extending across the channel. Each stream is then presented to an individual detector to allow for simultaneous in ...