Bevan Brian: Display device. Goldfarb Kenneth S, July 30, 1974: US3826026 (54 worldwide citation)

A display device adapted to be attached to a vehicle such as an automobile, bus, truck and the like including a mounting sheet and a transparent sheet heat-sealed to each other. The mounting sheet includes magnetic means for detachably securing the display device to any metallic surface such as that ...

Cohen Melvin: Joint structure. Goldfarb Kenneth S, January 7, 1975: US3858988 (51 worldwide citation)

A Joint Structure comprising a first member including four essentially L-shaped hooks and a spring biased plate, a second member having a plurality of apertures adapted to receive the four L-shaped hooks and the spring biased plate whereby the L-shaped hooks are rigidly held in a fixed position with ...

Kondo Ryozo: Air supply device. Goldfarb Kenneth S, July 23, 1974: US3825374 (35 worldwide citation)

An air supply device for blowing air bubbles into an aquarium. An electro-magnet creating an alternating magnetic field to actuate a vibrating arm is provided with a core having concave poles, and the electromagnet and the vibrating arm which is disposed opposite to the concave poles are held by sup ...

Dukess Joseph: Closure with rotatable layered liner. Goldfarb Kenneth S, November 4, 1975: US3917100 (32 worldwide citation)

Material for cap liners in the form of a sandwich and so arranged that a compressible intermediate layer of relatively great thickness is disposed between two relatively thin non-resilient layers. The intermediate layer can be squeezed beyond the periphery of the material for making a better seal.

Dukess Joseph: Multiple compartment tube with resilient divider. Goldfarb Kenneth S, January 29, 1974: US3788520 (32 worldwide citation)

A squeezeable container in the form of a multiple compartment tube having a resilient bellows divider. One end of the bellows divider is secured to the neck and the other is crimped into the closed opposite end. The bellows have side pieces which lie flush against the inner side walls of the contain ...

Serrano Salomon: Foot operated door stop. Serene Systems, Goldfarb Kenneth S, April 23, 1974: US3805322 (27 worldwide citation)

A foot operated door stop comprising a stop plate pivotally mounted within the housing for movement to a raised position above the housing. A parabolic resilient member has a lower portion fastened to the base of the housing and has an upper portion engaging the stop plate. The stop plate has a fing ...

Kondo Ryozo: Air pump. Goldfarb Kenneth S, August 20, 1974: US3830596 (23 worldwide citation)

A vibrator air pump for blowing air bubbles into an aquarium by a pumping action of a bellows connected to a vibratory armature actuated by an A. C. electromagnet. The electromagnet and the vibratory armature are respectively disposed in a separate chamber divided by partition walls, and the electro ...

Ruskin Asa P, Gould Wilbur J: Pulmonary achievement trainer. Goldfarb Kenneth S, July 30, 1974: US3826247 (22 worldwide citation)

A pulmonary achievement trainer for registering the strongest breath attained by a patient during a predetermined test or therapy period. The pulmonary achievement trainer employs a tube having a special L-shaped mouthpiece and further having an air inlet and a spring pressed plate actuated by air p ...

Hubner Otto: Collapsible garment dryer. Goldfarb Kenneth S, September 16, 1975: US3905125 (21 worldwide citation)

A collapsible garment dryer comprising a case-like hinged container having an upper section and a lower section hingedly secured to said upper section. A flexible dryer bag depends from the upper section and is received between said upper and lower section when said garment dryer is in a collapsed c ...

Schwartzman Gilbert: Applicator having multiple valve assemblies. Goldfarb Kenneth S, April 1, 1975: US3874563 (20 worldwide citation)

A fluid applicator comprising a retainer ring adapted to be seated in a container and having a valve assembly for controlling liquid flow. The valve assembly includes a valve head having a peripheral flange which maintains a disc valve assembly for controlling air flow in a bowed convex position.