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A method and apparatus is disclosed for generating a clean, low Btu fuel gas by the reaction of a carbonaceous fuel limestone mixture with oxygen and steam in a downdraft fixed bed gasifier. The product gas and slag are discharged from the lower end of the gasifier after having passed through an inc ...

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A combined cycle power generating plant is provided in which both the steam turbine and the gas turbine burn gasified coal as a fuel. The steam turbine meets base and intermediate power demands and during these periods the gas produced in the gasifier in excess of what is burned in the steam generat ...

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A steam generating plant is provided which includes an entrainment, slagging, air blown atmospheric pressure coal gasifier, a heat recovery train, atmospheric pressure desulfurization and a steam generator designed to burn the low Btu fuel gas produced in the gasifier. Heat recovered from the gas pr ...

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A hold-up device for nuclear reactor fuel assemblies which precludes the possibility of axial movement of the assemblies due to hydraulic forces under all thermal and flow conditions in the reactor core region. The fuel assembly is spring loaded against the upper guide structure, and supported so as ...

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Apparatus for effecting coolant fluid flow, in two directions, through the hollow interior of a rotatably mounted conveyor type roll. A coolant supply or withdrawal tube is inserted through one of the open ends of the central core of the roll, and depending upon the function of the tube, the open en ...

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A filter for use in an air or other suitable gas duct system. The filter is mounted in a frame box which in turn is slidably supported in tracks within a rectangular section of the duct. An extension of the rectangular flow passageway provides a chamber into which the frame and filter may be slidabl ...

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The gasification of coal is carried out in a gasifier having an annular reaction chamber. A two stage gasification process is used: the first stage involving the combustion of a first quantity of pulverized coal with stoichiometric air; and the second stage involving the reaction of a second quantit ...

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A reactor vessel is provided with vertical support means in the form of circumferentially spaced columns upon which the vessel is mounted. The columns are adapted to undergo flexure in order to accommodate the thermally induced displacements experienced by the vessel during operational transients.

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The interior of a pressure vessel shell containing an inert gas to prevent metal contamination during periods of shipment and/or storage is provided with an inflatable container adapted to accommodate volumetric changes in the protective inert gas caused by variations in atmospheric conditions. The ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for inducing reverse circulation of the fluid on the secondary side of a steam generator of the type including an outer vessel and a vapor generation chamber having an annular baffle means dividing the chamber into an outer annular downcomer passage and an inner r ...