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A wind turbine comprising a main generator, a main power converter connected to the main generator and adapted to convert the electrical output power of the main generator to an electrical power to be fed into the utility grid up to a first rated converter output power and an auxiliary power convert ...

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A wind turbine is provided. The wind turbine includes a tower including a yaw interface, a bladed rotor including at least one blade rotatable in response to wind impinging upon the at least one blade, and a beam structure configured to support the bladed rotor. The beam structure includes at least ...

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A system for extracting heat from an electronic device is provided. The system includes heat dissipation means positioned within a printed circuit board to form an in-board heat sink structure and a fluid heat transfer medium disposed in the heat dissipation means. The medium circulates through the ...

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A cap for a gas burner is disclosed. The cap includes a center portion including a top surface having a periphery; at least one extension extending outward from the center portion, the at least one extension defining a drain channel extending outward and downward from the top surface; and a ledge ex ...

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A communication system for a vehicle consist may include a control module that interfaces with router transceiver units coupled to a cable bus, and can communicate network data between vehicles having a transceiver unit over a cable bus.

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An apparatus includes a mechanical refrigeration cycle arrangement having a working fluid and an evaporator, a condenser, a compressor, and an expansion device, cooperatively interconnected and containing the working fluid. The apparatus also includes a sensor located to sense at least one parameter ...

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A method for obtaining the area of a missing portion of an object under inspection with a borescope includes aligning the borescope with the object under inspection, extrapolating the missing edges of the missing portion and calculating the missing portion area using the extrapolated missing edges a ...

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Methods and systems are provided for controlling movement of a train including a plurality of locomotives along a route. In one example, the method comprises, generating a first plan profile, the first plan profile including synchronous settings for the locomotives over a route, and generating a sec ...

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A method of operating a heat pump clothes dryer operating on a mechanical refrigeration cycle is disclosed. The method includes partitioning all energy available in the heat pump clothes dryer into a first amount of energy and a second amount of energy; using the first amount of energy to attain a s ...

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A process to reduce or prevent biofouling, by destroying or deactivating microbiological content of feedwater, or other liquid, prior to its entrance into membranes or process equipment, such as heat transfer equipment. The process comprises the use of electrical discharge and/or electric fields to ...