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An advanced video teleconferencing (AVTC) system uniquely combines a number of features to promote a realistic “same room” experience for meeting participants. These features include an autodirector to select audio and video sources and to compose shots, a collaboration interface for each participan ...

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A system and method for a vulnerability assessment mechanism that serves to actively scan for vulnerabilities on a continuous basis and interpret the resulting traffic in context of policy is provided. Vulnerability information is presented within an enterprise manager system enabling the user to ac ...

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A method and apparatus ascertain which credential and which condition both from a network security policy best describe, respectively, information about initiator and target principals involved in an interaction, and tests performed on a state of an associated protocol event.

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A method and system of implementing recorded data for automating interactions which occur across the Internet includes storing data at a central Web server adapted for maintaining a database. Responsive to a program script requesting data, computer program code at the central Web server selectively ...

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The invention disclosed herein enables a collection of computers and associated communications infrastructure to offer a new communications process which allows information providers to broadcast information to a population of information consumers. The information may be targeted to those consumers ...

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The invention aids an entity to selectively request additional data about a user to serve the needs of the entity without causing the user to have an adverse reaction. The invention helps an entity to determine the condition under which to request additional data so as to reduce the likelihood of ca ...