Jan C Knibbe, Willard J McPhee: Piercing apparatus. Springfield Tool and Die, Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, August 2, 1977: US04038894 (101 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for piercing an arcuate workpiece includes a frame, an index table rotatably mounted on the frame, piercing means horizontally adjustable on the frame with respect to the index table and a punch head movable horizontally into engagement with the workpiece mounted to the index table. A swiv ...

Douglas Chase Sr: Bicycle. Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, October 11, 1977: US04053173 (85 worldwide citation)

A bicycle of the type comprising a frame and a front and rear wheel rotatably mounted to the frame is provided with improved means for rotatably driving the rear wheel. The driving means comprises a right and left foot lever pivotally connected at one end to the frame and adapted to be alternately d ...

Lauri Vayrynen: Electric filter. Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, March 7, 1978: US04077784 (69 worldwide citation)

An electric filter for separating impurities from air including a housing which contains separator plates disposed in spaced relationship and formed of conductive material and alternate ones of said plates are connected to opposite poles of a source of voltage.

Hans U Bart: Piezoelectric fuel injector valve. Teledyne, Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, May 10, 1977: US04022166 (51 worldwide citation)

An electrically operated valve in which the valve operating means is controlled in its opening movement by a piezoelectric element. The expansion or contraction of the piezoelectric element provides a lift force to the valve operating means while, preferably, a hydraulic or mechanical amplification ...

Paul Asperger: Windmill with shroud adjusting means. Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, June 21, 1977: US04031405 (49 worldwide citation)

A windmill having a shroud rotatably mounted with respect to a horizontally rotatable vane assembly of the windmill and a directional vane mounted to the shroud to automatically position the shroud to expose half of the windmill vane assembly to the wind. The directional vane is adjustably mounted t ...

Denzel J Dockery: Breathing apparatus for underwater use. Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, May 17, 1977: US04023701 (40 worldwide citation)

A receptacle containing gas and water adsorbent material for storing a pressurized breathable gaseous mixture for underwater use. The receptacle includes an auxiliary access plug for inserting the gas adsorbent material into the receptacle so that the material may be tightly packed within the recept ...

James E Deakin: Automatic shaft balancer. Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, February 28, 1978: US04075909 (35 worldwide citation)

A shaft balancer is provided for automatically correcting an unbalanced condition in a rotating shaft and thereafter maintaining the rotating shaft in a balanced condition. The shaft balancer comprises a housing having an outer rim and means for securing the housing to the shaft so that the rim is c ...

William K Good, Wilson J Harbage: Retainer ring and splined member assembly. Koppy Corporation, Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, March 29, 1977: US04014619 (35 worldwide citation)

Lanced slots are formed in the root section of each spline of a splined member to receive a snap ring for securing discs or other members in position with respect to the splined member.

Donald S Durant: Disc pump or turbine. Robert R Reed, Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, May 24, 1977: US04025225 (30 worldwide citation)

A pump or compressor includes a center inlet for directing a fluid into the open centers of a plurality of axially spaced rotatable discs or blades by which the fluid is directed radially outwardly to an outlet which is connected by a passage means to a center inlet of a second stage pumping unit. T ...

Frank Appleton: Credit card verifier. Gifford Chandler Sheridan & Sprinkle, April 5, 1977: US04016404 (27 worldwide citation)

A credit card having information stored thereon in the form of a matrix of apertures formed through the credit card in a predetermined order, and a verifier adapted to read the information matrix from the credit card and by comparison of the information encoded on the credit card with a comparison c ...