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A vinyl ether oligomer especially useful for coatings is prepared by reacting an hydroxyl-terminated polyester, a diisocyanate, and a hydroxy monovinyl ether having formulas as defined herein.

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In a process for purifying raw brine containing dissolved strontium, calcium and magnesium impurities wherein the raw brine is treated by contacting the brine with sodium carbonate for precipitation of strontium and calcium carbonate, contacting the brine containing the strontium and calcium carbona ...

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Present process relates to the purification of carbonate process solution which comprises passing said carbonate process solution through a bed of activated carbon to remove organic contaminants from said solution until the adsorbent capacity of said bed is reduced and regeneration of said bed is ef ...

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Method for maintaining preheating equipment used for heating coal at a temperature within a temperature range normally used for heating said coal in said equipment which comprises introducing into said equipment a heat-absorbing liquid at a rate sufficient to maintain said equipment within said temp ...

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Thin film polymer blend members which may be used for the separation of gases will comprise a blend of an inorganic compound such as phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, heteropoly acids or salts of heteropoly acids, an organic polymer such as poly(vinyl alcohol) and a poly organic acid such as poly(acry ...

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In the process of making sodium carbonate from trona involving the steps of crushing the trona, calcining the crushed trona, dissolving the calcined trona to obtain a solution comprising sodium carbonate and insoluble impurities contaminated by soluble silicates and soluble carbonaceous matter, cont ...

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In the process of making sodium carbonate from trona by the method involving crushing the trona, calcining it and dissolving it in an aqueous medium for purification by crystallization, soluble silicate contamination of the crystallization liquor is reduced by an improvement which involves: (a) segr ...

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Vinylidene chloride can be substantially removed from a stream of CFC-141b over a carbon molecular sieve having a mean pore size of about 4.2 to 4.5 Angstroms.

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Method and apparatus for removing dust ladened air from the vicinity of a moving mining machine engaged in longwall mining, wherein a conduit maintained at reduced pressure is parallel and fixedly positioned with respect to the path of operation of the longwall mining machine, and the machine activa ...

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In dry mining of trona by usual methods such as the room-and-pillar and the long wall mining methods, dust formation, energy requirements, and mining machine wear are reduced and mining tool life is increased by prefracturing the trona in situ prior to mining by (a) driving holes into the trona bed ...