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Hydroprocessing of petroleum and chemical feedstocks using bulk Group VIII/Group VIB catalysts. Preferred catalysts include those comprised of Ni--Mo--W.

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The present invention relates to a latex comprising water and a layered material intercalated with a polymer. The invention also relates to a nanocomposite material comprising a layered material intercalated with a polymer. The latex can be produced by forming a dispersion of layered material in wat ...

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A hydrodenitrogenation catalyst is prepared by decomposing a nickel (ammonium) molybdotungstate precursor and sulfiding, either pre-use or in situ, the decomposition product.


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Disclosed is a catalytic cracking process that includes more than one catalytic cracking reaction step. The process integrates catalytic cracking steps with hydroprocessing in order to maximize olefins production, distillate quality and octane level of the overall cracked product. Preferably, one hy ...

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This invention relates to a semicrystalline polymer composition with reinforced spherulite boundaries and interlamellar strength, comprising a major amount of a first semicrystalline polymer and a minor amount of a second semicrystalline homopolymer or a semicrystalline copolymer and a process of ma ...

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A method for upgrading a naphtha feed to a naphtha product containing less than about 10 wppm of nitrogen and less than about 15 wppm sulfur, the method comprising contacting said naphtha feed with hydrogen in the presence of a bulk multimetallic catalyst under effective reactor conditions to hydrod ...

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Applicant has discovered a new zeolite containing composition and a process for preparing the same. The composition is unique in that the zeolite crystals making up one layer of the composition pack in a manner such that the composition is essentially continuous with no large scale voids even when t ...

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A two stage hydrodesulfurizing process for producing low sulfur distillates. A distillate boiling range feedstock containing in excess of about 3,000 wppm sulfur is hydrodesulfurized in a first hydrodesulfurizing stage containing one or more reaction zones in the presence of hydrogen and a hydrodesu ...

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Selective and deep desulfurization of a high sulfur content mogas naphtha, with reduced product mercaptans and olefin loss, is achieved by a two stage, vapor phase hydrodesulfurization process with interstage separation of at least 80 vol. % of the H