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A push-button switch comprises a cover member which is made from a synthetic resin, a switch case in which a plurality of fixed terminals are embedded by the unitary molding, and a slide member which receives movable contact pieces therein. Side walls of the switch case have thick-walled base portio ...

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A present position display device suitable for use on automobiles or the like vehicles, having a head member provided with a light-emitting element and a light-receiving element; a driving mechanism for driving the head member in the directions of an X and Y-axes; a mechanism for rotationally drivin ...

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The invention relates to a composite paving structure consisting of elements forming a pattern. The structure is made up of laying units each of which has a group of elements adjoining at their respective peripheries and held together by predetermined rupture zones. Supplementing stones are disposed ...

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A push-button switch affording a clear click feeling, comprising a contact plate which is curved in one direction and which is formed into a movable contact by providing therein two substantially parallel slits extending in a perimetric direction, forming a movable contact portion between said two s ...

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A support for the forearm of a person actuating an object such as a computer mouse which can be slid along a horizontal surface includes a pad supported at a declination upon rolling elements. The forward portion of a person's arm is supported at the lower position of the pad, and the pad has a conc ...

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A method and apparatus for continuously manufacturing multi-layered dough materials containing at least dough layers comprising the steps of continuously extruding material in a tubular form onto a conveyor belt, stretching the material to a thin strip while being transported, folding and piling up ...

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A sheet clamping device is provided which is used to clamp both the leading and the trailing end of a sheet while the sheet is being disposed around the peripheral surface of a drum rotating in a given direction. The drum is provided with a front and a rear claw which are adapted to clamp the leadin ...

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A mold for preparing frozen food products from a flavored liquid includes cap members adapted to fit over respective cup members retaining the liquid. The cap members have anchoring portions for extending centrally within the cup members whereby the liquid may be made to freeze thereabout. The cap m ...

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In an FM demodulation circuit which demodulates an FM signal by the use of a phase-lock loop constructed of a phase comparator, a loop filter and a voltage-controlled oscillator, the loop filter is a variable loop filter whose loop band width is varied in correspondence with the modulation band widt ...

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A method for the shaping and cutting of bread dough which forms the dough into a strip, stretches the dough by applying pulling forces to said strip, cuts the dough and overlaps the dough.