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Disclosed is a flow through particle analyzing cell differentiating apparatus for optical and electronic measurements on a stream of particles in which a hydrodynamically focoussed stream is passed into and through a point focussed beam of radiated energy whereby the beam is scattered by the stream ...

Robert E Auer: Method of and apparatus for detecting change in the breakoff point in a droplet generation system. Coulter Corporation, Gerald R Hibnick, Carl Fissell Jr, September 8, 1987: US04691829 (99 worldwide citation)

A particle separator for sorting particles suspended in a liquid according to certain characteristics, including a method of and apparatus for detecting a change in the droplet breakoff point of a liquid jet stream which is subjected to vibrations. The vibrations produce amplitude undulations on the ...

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Automatic biological sample mixing apparatus for use in flow cytometry, wherein a sample container is secured loosely at its top by means of a multi-reagent dispensing head; and the container is mounted at its bottom on a resilient support disposed on an elliptically rotated member, to cause reagent ...

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A method for making, storing and using a surgical graft from human amniotic membrane; the resulting graft; and the storage solution. The amniotic membrane is obtained from human placenta, from which the chorion has been separated. Sheets of the amniotic membrane are cut to size and mounted on filter ...

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A plurality of sealed blood sample tubes are housed in a rack and a plurality of these racks are vertically stacked, with the sample tubes lying horizontally. The racks are successively deposited onto a horizontal conveyor belt which is housed in and moves longitudinally on a table that rocks around ...

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For use in a tilt action valve for dispensing a pressurized viscous product, in which a grommet is held by a mounting cup and secures the valve stem and body, product leakage between the grommet and valve stem is minimized by forming in the grommet a pocket which fills with the dispensed product and ...

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Disclosed is a flow-through, particle analyzer and sorter apparatus for simultaneous optical and electrical impedance measurements on a stream of particles, comprising a flow cell having a pair of channels fluidly connected by a particle sensing aperture, through which the particles pass and are ana ...

Robert C Leif: Orifice inside optical element. Coulter Electronics, Gerald R Hibnick, September 7, 1982: US04348107 (81 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an electro-optical transducer for simultaneously making optical measurements and electrical volume measurements on particles suspended in a flow stream passing through an orifice positioned inside an optically clear spherical element.

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A porosimeter comprises a gas supply, a gas pressure regulator for the gas supply, a sample holder having an inlet and an outlet, said inlet being connected to the gas pressure regulator, a gas pressure sensor connected to the gas pressure regulator for measuring the pressure of gas supplied to the ...

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A stackable cassette or rack for supporting a plurality of sealed sample containers having different diameters and/or lengths and transporting the same to a testing station of a hematology analyzer device. The cassette comprises a body having a top and a bottom and a rear portion, and the body inclu ...