Richard E Vastagh: Optical loop attenuator simulating an optical system. AMP Incorporated, Gerald K Kita, April 5, 1988: US04736100 (186 worldwide citation)

A simulator in the form of a loop back optical attenuator 10 intermates with an optical connector 6 and has an exterior surface 13 facing an optical emitter 4 and an optical detector 5 and is constructed to reflect optical emission from the emitter 4 to the detector 5 for test purposes.

James R Flanagan, Michael S Garland: Snap on plug connector for a UHF connector. The Whitaker Corporation, Gerald K Kita, May 31, 1994: US05316494 (170 worldwide citation)

An electrical plug (1) for connection to a jack (2), comprises, a plug portion (3) of termination of a coaxial cable, a coupling ring (4), a grip member (6) moveable over the coupling ring (4) and adapted to snap over a catch (8) at a forward end of the coupling ring (4), a portion of the coupling r ...

Donald L Smith: Triaxial connector assembly. AMP, Gerald K Kita, December 29, 1981: US04307926 (158 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector assembly is disclosed for terminating a triaxial or twin axial cable of the type having two center conductors which are dressed for termination to extend forward respective distances free from a dielectric casing, conductive shield, and outer sheath therearound. The assembly ...

Richard S Hogendobler, Robert M Murray: RF shielded blank for coaxial connector. AMP Incorporated, Gerald K Kita, December 26, 1978: US04131332 (154 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to an assembly of stamped and formed parts for a coaxial connector with RF shielding ensured by a unitary ferrule intimately surrounding open seams in the stamped and formed parts. Also the disclosure relates to a blank which may be formed into a coaxial connector part having ...

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An electrical connector (1) comprising: an insulative housing (2), multiple pairs (3) of conductive signal contacts (4, 5) distributed along an insulative divider (7) within the housing (2) and adapted to be connected to respective pairs of signal wires (27), at least one conductive power contact (6 ...

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A kit of parts, comprising; a connector shell (7) for a coaxial cable (2) having a tool receiving cavity portion (11) open toward two orthogonal directions, a contact holder (14) and a cable holder (15), and a conductive cover (51) for covering the cavity portion (11) of the shell (7), and a conduct ...

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A card edge terminal is provided with a longitudinally trifurcated portion defining a resilient beam which presses against a circuit card and provides a wiping action of its contact surface along the card. The wiping action will tend to clean away debris and contaminants.

Thomas S Cohen, Ronald C Laudig, Donald L Smith: Electrical connector for an electrical cable. AMP Incorporated, Gerald K Kita, August 25, 1987: US04688878 (132 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector (1, 2) for twin axial cable (100,100) comprises; a first assembly (4,4) comprised of a conductive outer shell (6,6), a first dielectric body (8,8), a conductive inner shell (10,10), and a second dielectric body (12,12); a second assembly (60,60) for insertion in the outer she ...

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A tool is disclosed which has a variable tool stroke useful for inserting a wire conductor into and along a conductor terminating slot of an electrical terminal of the type disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 4,141,618.

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A terminator 1 includes, a conductive shell 2, a disc 12 of insulative material having integral rivets 13 passing through the shell 2, a center contact 19 concentrically in the disc 12, a resistor 26 having a forward extending electrical lead 27 connected to the center contact 19 and having a rearwa ...