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There is provided a container having both male and female sealing regions disposed about its periphery in a pattern making it possible to seal a container with another container having substantially identical sealing regions. The male sealing regions used in the practice of the present invention may ...

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A container blank comprises at least one substrate layer made of disposable material and at least one film layer disposed substantially over the substrate layer and having at least one portion adapted to shrink away from the substrate layer upon application of heat. The shrunk film layer portion is ...

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A sealable food container includes a base serving member such as a plate having a generally planar central portion, a sidewall extending generally upwardly and outwardly therefrom and a base outer flange portion extending outwardly from the sidewall. The sidewall defines a sealing area with an under ...

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A heat insulating paper cup having an improved seal. The cup can include a body member having an inside surface and an outside surface, and a bottom panel member having a upper surface and a bottom surface. The body member is coated (or in some instances partially coated) on its outside surface with ...

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A device for dispensing a flowable material is disclosed. The device includes a container holding the flowable material therein and a pumping assembly attached to the container. The pumping assembly includes a pump and a placard portion configured for displaying viewable information thereon associat ...

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A method of dispensing product includes determining by a processor if product loaded into a dispenser is authorized for use in the dispenser by identifying a reference indication associated with the product; in response to determination that the product is authorized, dispense a first amount of prod ...

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A tear-back drink-through lid for a drinking cup sealingly engages the drinking cup at an annular mounting portion with a downwardly extending annular skirt. The tear-back section extends from the inner skirt to a hinge and has an outwardly extending raised protrusion. When the tear-back section is ...

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In an apparatus for manufacturing pressware containers from container blanks there is provided a plurality of inertial blank stop pins disposed so as to position a container blank prior to press forming. The stop pins are rotatable in order to absorb the kinetic energy of the container blanks as the ...

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A dispenser for inter-folded sheet includes a replaceable cartridge. In preferred embodiments, the replaceable cartridge includes a generally planar rectangular core having a stack of inter-folded food service sheets wrapped around the core in a U-shape and retained in position by shrink wrap.

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An automated dispenser includes a rotatable carousel including a mounting station for a primary roll of sheet product and a mounting station for a reserve roll of sheet product; mounting brackets configured for mounting the carousel such that it is movable between a locked, rearward position for dis ...