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A route exception reporting apparatus is mounted in a mobile shipping vehicle having a predetermined geographic route. The shipping vehicle may be a self-propelled vehicle containing cargo or may also be a separable self-contained shipping container carried on a transportation vehicle. At least a po ...

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A digital compression apparatus and method uses a first compression encoding step associated with a first encode circuit to produce a first statistical data set from a first compression encoding of an initial digital video bit stream representing a group of pictures (GOP). The initial bit stream of ...

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Two or three conductor coplanar transmission lines and lossy coplanar resistive films are formed on a surface of a substrate. The resistive film dimensions and resistivity are selected to suppress various spurious electromagnetic modes within and around the substrate. The resistive films may be posi ...

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A resilient body electrical connector is shaped and dimensioned to define at least one mating interface parallel to a longitudinal axis. A first plurality of electrical conductors is disposed with each having a portion embedded in the connector body, and each having a respective contact point protru ...

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A system of prefabricated plaster relief forms are manufactured to be applied to prepared walls of a building, such as a home or other structure. The prefabricated forms are made of an open work lattice material formed into a channel shape having a top, two depending sides and outward directed flang ...

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A method and system for treating internal surface material overlying the interior of a tubular a substrate, and more particularly, to a system for ablating contaminates and other unwanted material from an internal surface

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A rotary refractive laser scanner head uses two sets of lenses and prisms aligned along a common optical axis. Each prism is paired with one of the lenses. The lens-prism pairs are separately mounted rotatable on a common axis coaxial with the optical axis. A motor drives two gear sets. Each gear se ...

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MOS Cascode amplifier circuits are subject to long-term or instantaneous changes (degradation) of performance characteristics by excess substrate currents. These currents can be generated in the grounded source transistor of the cascode connected output transistors during peak excursions of drain-so ...

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A foldable and self-opening hanger has two arms that fold down to a closed position away from the hanger's hook member with adjacent bottom arm edges proximal to each other. The arms are closed manually in opposition to a restoring force provided by an internal resilient member that tends to move th ...

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A combination plumb and level tool has an elongate body with separated longitudinal arm members that have spaced apart, proximal ends fixed to the body and extend therefrom to respective separate distal free ends. The distal ends form longitudinally extending interior surfaces disposed in facing opp ...