Robert K Fogg Jr, Christopher P Staehli: Stand-aid invalid wheelchair. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, R S Sciascia, George J Rubens, October 18, 1977: US04054319 (63 worldwide citation)

A wheelchair is designed to enable an invalid to stand, sit or choose at l any intermediate position to perform useful work, and to move about in any of said positions. The wheelchair helps to fulfill the psychological and physiological needs of handicapped persons. The lifting and lowering operatio ...

LaFerne L Starling: Ladies resilient garment for smoothing arm flabbiness. George J Rubens, December 2, 1986: US04625338 (33 worldwide citation)

A ladies' garment is provided for the purpose of smoothing the wrinkles and flabbiness in the skin and muscles of the forearm and upper arm to improve appearance, primarily when wearing sleeveless dresses and blouses. The garment is made of a two-way resilient stretchable sheer fabric, and consists ...

Kenneth W Oates: Sports cap. George J Rubens, March 3, 1992: US05091995 (31 worldwide citation)

A sports cap is fabricated to provide maximum sun and wind protection to the face, ears, and neck of the wearer during use in land, and especially in water activities. These unique results are achieved by constructing the cap with a crown having front and rear brims. The rear brim may be made detach ...

Alexander Leginus, Marvin A Taylor: Device for selectively cleaning debris from a liquid pool. George J Rubens, June 26, 1990: US04935980 (29 worldwide citation)

A device is provided for selectively cleaning debris from the bottom of a liquid pool. The device has a chamber having a water intake tube having an inlet end and extends through the lower end of the chamber and terminates in an outlet end which has a one-way valve mounted thereon. The lower end of ...

George J Rubens: Fluid measuring container closure cap. George J Rubens, May 26, 1981: US04269319 (27 worldwide citation)

A closure cap is provided for a fluid container which when removed from the container and inverted will enable the measuring and dispensing of a selected amount of the fluid from the container, the closure cap capable of then being re-installed on the fluid container for stowage.

Robert L Lebduska: Method and apparatus for testing performance of fiber optic cable components and assemblies. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Richard S Sciascia, Ervin F Johnston, George J Rubens, January 5, 1982: US04309105 (19 worldwide citation)

Optical performance characteristics of fiber optical cable components and assemblies are tested for quality in an accurate, consistent, and stable manner by the method and apparatus of this invention. The novel apparatus enables acceptability testing of a supplier's fiber optic component/assembly by ...

Richard O Rue, Floyd A Kinder, Vance L Hansen: Remote control flying system. The United States of America represented by the Secretary, George J Rubens, Roy Miller, Victor C Muller, January 19, 1971: US3557304 (18 worldwide citation)

A system for flying a drone aircraft by remote control comprising a television camera mounted in the cockpit of the drone aircraft where the pilot's head is normally located; a wide-angle lens mounted on the television camera; transmitting means to send the pictures back to the ground where they are ...

Robert J Miskinis: Locking and unlocking laboratory joints. George J Rubens, April 15, 1986: US04582444 (18 worldwide citation)

A laboratory joint is provided for a pair of male and female members having matable tapered ends which are connected together by a sleeve which can lock the members together to prevent accidental separation, which sleeve is capable of separating the assembled members when desired in a safe and exped ...

Donald R Wehner: Radar target spectrum classifier. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Joseph C Warfield, George J Rubens, July 29, 1986: US04603331 (17 worldwide citation)

A radar transmitter illuminates an unidentified remote radar target with pped or swept frequency pulses of microwave energy. The broad band of the frequencies of the reflected signal is received and divided into a large number of adjacent narrow-band segments. The amplitude of each segment is detect ...

Joseph S Asciutto: Flexible safety mast mounting. George J Rubens, December 30, 1986: US04632354 (15 worldwide citation)

A mast mounting assembly is provided for supporting a safety flag mast, communication antenna or the like. The novel assembly comprises a mounting bolt that can be permanently attached to a vehicle with the free end of the bolt extending in an upright position. The free end of the bolt has a drilled ...