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A money-operated entertainment machine is provided with a game device including a plurality of display components (5) which are illuminated according to specific payoffs. The entertainment machine is further provided with a computer-controlled unit for controlling the course of the game. In order to ...

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A power module for the control of electric motors is described which displays an integrated design and provides the following functional units: A power unit with a circuit arrangement on the upper side of a substrate with power semiconductor components. A cooling unit with a cooling medium flowing t ...


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An electrode arrangement for stimulating the heart by means of the following elements: an implantable cardiac pacemaker which generates electrical pulses; a first electrode (

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An electrochemical measuring sensor having a solid electrolyte, a first electrode exposed to a gas to be measured and a second electrode exposed to a reference gas, with the electrodes preferably being arranged on opposite sides of the solid electrolyte. At least one of the electrodes (16, 20) is pr ...

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A process is disclosed for controlling a multiple cylinder internal combustion engine in which exhaust gases undergo subsequent treatment. To ensure a gaseous exchange, air is supplied to the individual cylinders through inlet devices and exhaust gases are discharged through outlet or exhaust device ...

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Process for introducing a fluid into a cavity or a blood vessel of a human or animal body, particularly for gas insufflation in preparation for or during a minimally invasive surgical procedure or investigation of the body cavity or blood vessel, the fluid being conveyed from a pressurised gas store ...

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An air-bag arrangement for a motor vehicle, the air-bag arrangement including an air-bag adapted to be inflated, in the event that an accident should arise, to form a curtain, the air-bag having a fixation strap extending between the curtain and an anchor point, the fixation strap including inflatab ...

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A process for checking the air pressure in the tires of motor vehicle wheels wherein at least a pressure signal characteristic for the air pressure will be picked up as a measured signal by a measurement device located in or on the tire of each motor vehicle wheel, wherein at least. a data signal co ...

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An apparatus for an electrical surgical appliance is proposed, in which the undesirable leakage currents are considerably reduced or completely prevented. This is achieved according to the invention by a compensation circuit being provided, by means of which a compensation current can be produced in ...