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This invention relates to an abuse resistant tablet containing two or more layers having one or more drugs and one or more gelling agents and its preparation. The drug(s) and gelling agent(s) are in separate layers of the tablet. The multilayer tablet is particularly suitable for the administration ...

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The present invention features a catalytic material which includes a metal catalyst anchored to a nano-sized crystal containing a metal oxide. Furthermore, the present invention features a method of producing the catalytic material described herein. Finally, the present invention features using the ...

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The invention is directed to compositions containing physiologically active compounds of general formula (I):

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The present invention provides a yarn with antimicrobial effects. The antimicrobial antifungal effect of the yarn is derived from nanosilver particles (diameter between 1 and 100 nm) which are adhered to the yarn. The yarn contains fibers which are made of cotton, linen, silk, wool, leather, blendin ...

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A method for treating progression of a refractive disorder in a human eye. The method includes the steps of producing a first image on a retina of the human eye and producing a second image to generate a defocus.

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A method for preparing a N-[(aliphatic or aromatic)carbonyl)]-2-aminoacetamide compound, and for preparing a cyclized compound therefrom, as well as novel resin bound intermediate compounds that are useful for preparing such compounds.

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Piezo aerosol and ultrasonic atomizer apparatuses are disclosed. In some embodiments, a piezo aerosol apparatus may comprise a piezo component defining an opening bonded to a metal plate defining a mist reservoir. The mist reservoir may define a plurality of apertures (or holes) orientated substanti ...

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A fog lamp may include a Lambertian LED, a collimating lens encompassing the Lambertian LED, a collimating surface including a total internal reflective surface and encompassing the collimating lens, and a corrugated surface attached to the collimating surface at an acute angle with respect to an op ...

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A fast terminal box includes a casing, a cover, plural wiring sockets, plural metal connection components and a plurality of wiring terminals. The wiring sockets are placed and distributed on a bottom plate of the casing one by one. The metal connection component is provided on the wiring socket for ...

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A commodity shelving system includes pillars, shelves and a fixing mechanism for fixing the shelves to the pillars, wherein the fixing mechanism has a plurality of pillar clamps and locking pieces having an amount corresponding to that of the pillar clamps; and the locking pieces are arranged at cor ...