Mark E Bier: Method of vaporizing multicomponent liquids. American Sterilizer Company, Robert D Yeager, Christine R Ethridge, George D Dickos, February 10, 1987: US04642165 (80 worldwide citation)

A method of vaporizing a multicomponent liquid, such as a hydrogen peroxide and water solution, for injection into a vacuum chamber including the steps of metering successive predetermined increments of the liquid at a predetermined rate onto a heated surface in a vaporization chamber. Upon exposure ...

Michael J Horan: Elimination draw poker game. Professional Video Association, Robert D Yeager, George D Dickos, March 10, 1987: US04648604 (60 worldwide citation)

A method for playing draw poker in which cards used in previous hands are retired from play and a time limit is imposed for completing a predetermined number of hands.

James D Frankland Jr: Extrusion screw. New Castle, Robert D Yeager, Christine R Ethridge, George D Dickos, January 27, 1987: US04639143 (19 worldwide citation)

An extruder of the variety including a body having a cylindrical bore therethrough, and a shaft rotatably supported within the bore. The shaft includes at least a first helical flight means defining a main channel. The shaft is divided along its length into a feed section, an intermediate melt secti ...

Kenneth J Fisher, William R Miller: Passive cooling system for a luminaire. American Sterilizer Company, Robert D Yeager, George D Dickos, July 15, 1986: US04600979 (18 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided for removing the heat from within a generally sealed enclosure having a heat generating means disposed therein, such as a surgical light. The enclosure of the light includes a slightly domed top, a generally cylindrical side wall and a round bottom lens. The heat generating mea ...

John W Gano: Single engine excavator with remote control. The Gradall Company, Robert D Yeager, George D Dickos, November 10, 1987: US04705450 (17 worldwide citation)

A material handling vehicle is provided which includes a lower truck chassis and an upper material handling structure pivotally supported by the lower chassis, all functions of which vehicle are driven by a single engine. The material handling vehicle is controllable from a main truck cab on the tru ...

Raymond M L Ting: Cellular steel decking. Robert D Yeager, George D Dickos, December 23, 1986: US04630414 (13 worldwide citation)

Cellular steel flooring is provided which includes corrugated steel decking and separately applied cover plates which establish a lengthwise cell in cooperation with a valley and the two connecting sloping sidewalls. The resulting cellular steel decking permits distribution of electrical wiring or v ...

William A Box, Eugene R Rusiecki: Cross-flow ultrasonic transducer head. United States Steel Corporation, George D Dickos, July 2, 1985: US04526038 (13 worldwide citation)

Apparatus to prevent the deposition of dirt and fine air bubbles on the flat end of a piezo-electrical crystal transducer that emits and receives ultrasonic waves consists of a body having an internal passage that angularly directs water in sweeping relation to the flat end of the crystal to keep it ...

Gabriel J Sirota: Roll handling apparatus. Amco, Robert D Yeager, George D Dickos, December 1, 1987: US04709953 (12 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for safely lifting a roll of material having a horizontal eye is disclosed. The apparatus consists of a tong having horizontally relatively movable lifting legs which each include lifting decks to engage the roll's eye. Sliding members are provided to yieldingly address the roll ends and t ...

Thomas J Cera, Charles A Price: Apparatus and method for the control of the precoating of an effluent filtration baghouse utilizing clean side pressure measurement. United States Steel Corporation, George D Dickos, August 7, 1984: US04464184 (10 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for the control of the precoating process employed in an effluent filtration baghouse are described. An electrically operated pressure switch is provided to indicate the precoat duct vacuum pressure by measuring the vacuum pressure of the clean side of the baghouse. Should a p ...

Robert W Salmi: Device for removal of magnetic particles from a magnetic separator. United States Steel Corporation, George D Dickos, May 29, 1984: US04451360 (9 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for removing adherent magnetically attracted particles from the surface of the magnetic head pulley of the conveyor belt used in a dry magnetic separator without disrupting the magnetic separation process. An array of magnetically soft iron tines of several sizes is provided to be moved ...