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A method and apparatus for providing a texture mapped perspective view for digital map systems. The system includes apparatus for storing elevation data, apparatus for storing texture data, apparatus for scanning a projected view volume from the elevation data storing apparatus, apparatus for proces ...

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A task scheduler system including an array of priority queues for use in a real time multitasking operating system including equation lists, configuration lists, a function library, input and output drivers, user-created task definition lists of major and minor tasks and interrupt handlers. The syst ...

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A system and method for rapidly detecting cells of interest using multi-dimensional, highly quantitative, nuclear and cytoplasmic densitometric features (NDFs and CDFs) includes a flow optical tomography (FOT) instrument capable of generating various optical projection images (or shadowgrams) contai ...

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A system and method for rapidly detecting cells associated with malignancy and disease using molecular marker compartmentalization includes an optical tomography (OT) or a flow optical tomography (FOT) instrument capable of producing various optical projection images (or shadowgrams) containing accu ...

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An incremental concurrent learning method starts with providing potential defects and fabrication information and a primary classification rule and secondary classification rule selection from a knowledge defect database from multiple products with different process cycles. The method then performs ...

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An optical reconstruction filter in the form of a phase diffraction grating (that is, a diffractive diffuser) placed between a flat panel liquid crystal color matrix display and a viewer to optically filter flat panel images and present a higher quality image to the viewer.

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Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of a cell includes adjusting a current set of projection images according to a priori knowledge to produce adjusted projection images, for example, based on probability masks and/or Bayesian analysis of multiple similar objects in the same sample. A reconstructi ...