Ma Gabriel W C, Poulson Don E: Method for interbody fusion of the spine. Geauque Robert E, November 19, 1974: US3848601 (409 worldwide citation)

Three units of surgical apparatus for interbody fusion of the spine and method of use. The first unit consists of an intervertebral mortising chisel with the inner drill bit used to remove a block of tissue of specified dimension. The second unit consists of the bone plug cutter with the inner bone ...

Moniot Vincent E: Head positioning pillow. Geauque Robert E, March 5, 1974: US3795021 (62 worldwide citation)

A pillow for the headrest section of a chair wherein the pillow is divided into four inflatable sections, a human head is adapted to come into contact with each section, by controlling the inflating of each section the position of the human head can be controlled.

Raville Clarence A: Handgun apparatus. Geauque Robert E, August 26, 1975: US3901125 (36 worldwide citation)

The apparatus of this invention relates to certain improvements in a handgun which is generally known as 'Colt Government Model Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45.' Basically the aforementioned handgun has a handgrip housing to which a trigger is connected, a barrel which is connected through a pivoting ...

Nordskog Robert A: Reusable coffee maker container. Nordskog Company, Geauque Robert E, April 22, 1975: US3878772 (30 worldwide citation)

The reusable coffee maker container of this invention is to be employed in combination with prior art structure comprising a coffee maker which uses the coffee supply can itself as the brewing chamber. The normal mode of operation on the original equipment is to insert the coffee supply can within t ...

Rose Anthony T: Universal handle for surgical implements. Geauque Robert E, April 16, 1974: US3803667 (24 worldwide citation)

A surgical chisel apparatus wherein the chisel head is removable with respect to the handle, the connecting end of the handle is bifurcated forming a pair of non-parallel spaced apart legs, a fastener to bind together the legs into a pivotal relationship about the mating end of the chisel head, ther ...

Darling William A: Labyrinth locking apparatus. Geauque Robert E, July 23, 1974: US3824815 (24 worldwide citation)

A locking apparatus to prevent unauthorized unlocking movement between a first member and a second member, a labyrinth employed between the members, the labyrinth requiring a known combination by an authorized person to produce the desired unlocking movement.

George Albert J: Plastic horse shoe and method of attachment. Geauque Robert E, November 25, 1975: US3921721 (23 worldwide citation)

A horseshoe is adhered to the hoof by the employment of a physically and chemically unimpaired layer of thermosetting adhesive. This adhesive is cured by the employment of a formed heat source completely encapsulated by the horseshoe material.

Moore James E: Flowmeter compensating system. Waugh Control Corporation, Geauque Robert E, July 22, 1975: US3895529 (21 worldwide citation)

A fluid flow measuring system in which input pulses from a pulse-producing volumetric flow transducer and an analog signal representing the fluid temperature, pressure, density or other variable are processed to yield a corrected series of output pulses corresponding to net (processes corrected) mas ...

Brownson Ivan Frank: Water ski construction. Geauque Robert E, August 6, 1974: US3827096 (18 worldwide citation)

A water ski construction wherein the lower surface of the ski is smoothly contoured in the forward zone, the ski contains a double channel in the mid zone with the channels being separated by a longitudinal convex ridge, the height of the ridge in the mid zone being less than the height of the edges ...

Coons Gex B: Pressurized storage container. Geauque Robert E, June 25, 1974: US3819040 (17 worldwide citation)

A container for holding contents under air pressure wherein the container basically comprises abody and a cap, a threaded connection being established between the cap and the body, upon initial location of the cap upon the body an air-tight seal is established therebetween, as the cap is tightened u ...