Muehlberger Erich: Coating heat softened particles by projection in a plasma stream of Mach 1 to Mach 3 velocity. Geotel, Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, October 21, 1975: US3914573 (146 worldwide citation)

An electric arc plasma spray gun provides optimum coating of substrates by projecting a stream of plasma at a velocity at or about Mach two, at ambient pressure, and entraining therein particles of material to be coated upon said substrate. Power, pressures and temperatures are employed together wit ...

Donna C Coles, Jerry P Honstein: Orthodontic appliance. Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, March 3, 1981: US04253828 (137 worldwide citation)

This invention provides an orthodontic appliance of generally U-shaped configuration conforming to the natural arch of the patient, having a flexible outer portion adapted to overlie portions of the facial surfaces on the teeth of a row of teeth, an inner portion of greater rigidity than the outer p ...

Warren D Hancock, Thomas J Fogarty: Preparing natural tissue for implantation so as to provide improved flexibility. Hancock Laboratories Incorporated, Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, June 29, 1976: US03966401 (128 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for preparing natural tissue in the form of a heart valve, vessel or the like for implantation in which alternately tanning fluid under pressure is applied to a portion of the tissue so as to cause said tissue to assume substantially its natural configuration, and the pressure is reli ...

Ronald E Sheets: Apparatus for heating semiconductor wafers in order to achieve annealing, silicide formation, reflow of glass passivation layers, etc.. Tamarack Scientific Co, Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, March 10, 1987: US04649261 (114 worldwide citation)

An integrating light pipe, very preferably a kaleidoscope, encloses a source of radiant thermal energy, the light pipe and energy source being so arranged as to achieve efficient and substantially uniform heating of a workpiece in a target plane. The pipe has closed ends so as to heat the workpiece ...

Bill Norman: Weight-cushioning device for handles and method of constructing same. Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, April 21, 1981: US04262385 (98 worldwide citation)

An elongated, generally hourglass shaped weight-cushioning device for attachment to the handles of a bowling ball carrying bag has an outer layer of relatively thin vinyl material and a somewhat thicker inner layer of foam padding material. The outer layer has a shape substantially identical to but ...

Pastor Macey A: Surgical instrument. Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, November 18, 1975: US3920022 (97 worldwide citation)

A surgical pencil embodies interfitting relatively rotatable core and cap having eccentrically positioned bores at their forward ends. The two bores are aligned to readily receive and release the shank of a surgical tool when the core and cap are in a first position of relative rotation and are misa ...

Gerard M DuCorday: Magnifier reader. Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, July 3, 1984: US04457585 (88 worldwide citation)

A clear, transparent, rigid plastic sheet is bent into an inverted U-shape to provide a top supported by continuous transparent legs. A fresnel lens, coextensive with the top, is secured to the top or actually formed in one of its surfaces to provide a hand-free, self-supporting large area magnifier ...

Richard D Miller, John W Wyckoff: Protective garment having variable ventilation entry and exit panels. Fitch Wyckoff International, Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, September 2, 1986: US04608715 (85 worldwide citation)

A protective garment having a ventilation system having means for selectively varying the pass of ventilation air through the garment and the size of the openings of the ventilation entry and exit panels to provide proper ventilation and prevent billowing of the garment.

Alan L Griffin: Filter pin electrical connector. The Deutsch Company Electronic Components Division, Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, January 15, 1985: US04494092 (85 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a filter pin connector having two capacitor disc assemblies, each with a plurality of openings receiving the connector pins and held within a connector shell. Each capacitor disc includes a plurality of laminations of conductive material formed by providing conductive ink on ...

Marc W Malsby, Norman W Willey: Modular electrical connector. The Deutsch Company Electronic Components Division, Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg, May 23, 1978: US04090764 (70 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector arrangement including individual modules which may be assembled in a side-by-side relationship in a supporting device having spaced, opposed, inwardly inclined resilient spring fingers engageable with shoulders on the modules for holding them in place, each module including a ...