Karen Buechler
Stephen Dunmead, Kauko Johannes Karpale, Alan W Weimer, Karen J Buechler, Jacob A Johnson: Rapid conversion of metal-containing compounds to form metal oxides. Gary R Molnar Esq, Kalow & Springut, December 18, 2003: US20030230169-A1

A method of converting metal-containing compounds into a metal or metal oxide by rapidly heating the metal-containing compound to an elevated temperature to instigate conversion and holding the metal-containing compound at the elevated temperature for a time sufficient to effect formation of the met ...

Jeffery S Longo, Kim L Longo: Manual material collection bag kit with internally attached cleansing towelette. Gary R Molnar Esq, August 9, 2007: US20070181593-A1

A manual material bag collection kit comprising a disposable bag container and a cleansing towelette removably attached on an inside surface of the bag, that is useful for the collection of unsavory material and the cleansing of the collector, and designed such that the collector inserts a hand into ...

Danial B Glass: Beverage container marker. Gary R Molnar Esq, June 21, 2007: US20070138187-A1

A beverage container marker for placement over the opening of a beverage container, comprising a generally planar material having a top surface and a bottom surface. Extending from the top surface to the bottom surface is any one or more of: a removable perforated hole; a removable perforated notch ...

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