Govind Rao, Henryk Szmacinski, Joseph R Lakowicz: Method and apparatus to perform trans-cutaneous analyte monitoring. Joseph R Lakowicz, Gary M Nath & Associates Nath, May 13, 1997: US05628310 (364 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method to enable minimally invasive transdermal measurements of the fluorescence lifetime of an implanted element without reagent consumption and not requiring painful blood sampling. The monitoring apparatus displays the quantity of a selected substance present in the skin and stor ...

Josef Flomenblit, Nathaly Budigina: Implantable medical devices of shape memory alloy. Litana, Gary M Nath & Associates Nath, March 2, 1999: US05876434 (189 worldwide citation)

A medical device which comprises a shape memory alloy (SMA) portion which is deformable from an undeformed first configuration assumed by it in an austenitic state of the SMA to a deformed second configuration, whereby the SMA is converted into a strain-induced martensite or partial martensite. This ...

George N Paradissis, James A Garegnani, Roy S Whaley: Extended release pharmaceutical formulations. KV Pharmaceutical Company, Gary M Nath, August 29, 1995: US05445829 (169 worldwide citation)

An extended release pharmaceutical formulation adapted to approach zero order release of drug over a 12 to at least 24 hour period, comprised of a mixture of 0 to about 50% of an immediate release particle containing a drug, inert substrate and binder, coated with talc and up to 100% of an extended ...

Josef Flomenblit, Nathaly Budigina: Urological stent and deployment device therefor. Medinol, Gary M Nath, Nath & Associates, September 16, 1997: US05667522 (124 worldwide citation)

A stent adapted for placing in the urethra so as to retain the urethra's diameter above a critical level is provided. The stent comprises:

Peter Jeffrey: Hollow needle applicator for cartridged drugs. Safe T, Gary M Nath, Harold L Nath & Associates Novick, September 28, 1999: US05957897 (120 worldwide citation)

A hollow needle applicator for cartridged drugs etc has provision for automatic needle retraction after cartridge contents expression. Its drugs etc cartridge (125, 225, 325) can itself be at least partially accommodated bodily within a hollow piston actuator (145, 345), and will be released for ret ...

Theresa Cea, Joseph D Posta, Michael Glass: Encapsulated APM and method of preparation. Warner Lambert Company, Gary M Nath, May 17, 1983: US04384004 (119 worldwide citation)

The present invention comprises the encapsulation of the artificial sweetener L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester (APM) within a coating material including cellulose ethers, cellulose esters, certain vinyl polymers, gelatin and zein, in a ratio of coating material to APM to 1:1 or less. Shelf st ...

Robin C Morley, Shri C Sharma: Dietary fiber food products and method of manufacture. Warner Lambert Company, Daniel A Scola Jr, Gary M Nath, January 21, 1986: US04565702 (112 worldwide citation)

A dietary fiber composition is prepared by coating an insoluble fiber with a soluble fiber. The insoluble fiber is preferably derived from cereal bran by enzymatically and chemically purifying the bran. The soluble fiber is preferably pectin or an alginate. The dietary fiber composition can be used ...

Jonathan A Eppstein, Michael R Hatch, Joseph Papp: Apparatus for microporation of biological membranes using thin film tissue interface devices, and method therefor. Altea Therapeutics Corporation, Gary M Nath, Jerald L Meyer, Nath & Associates PLLC, February 17, 2004: US06692456 (108 worldwide citation)

The invention provides for improved devices and methods for forming openings in a biological membrane for delivering substances into an animal through the biological membrane for treatment applications, or extracting substances from the animal through the biological membrane for monitoring or other ...

Paul H Sugarbaker: Apparatus and method for abdomino-pelvic chemotherapy perfusion and lavage. Gary M Nath, Marvin C Berkowitz, Nath & Associates PLLC, May 7, 2002: US06383162 (107 worldwide citation)

An abdomino-pelvic perfusion and lavage apparatus is disclosed to which skin surrounding an incision formed through an abdominal wall of a patient can be attached and suspended. The apparatus includes a containment vessel impermeable to water and air, having a wall having a base, wherein the wall ha ...

Donald D Solomon, Charles W McGary, Vincent J Pascarella: Covalent bonded antithrombogenic polyurethane material. Warner Lambert Company, Gary M Nath, June 4, 1985: US04521564 (105 worldwide citation)

Antithrombogenic polyurethane polymers having the antithrombogenic material covalently bound to the polyurethane.

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