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A residual oil conversion process which comprises converting residual oils and regenerating the conversion catalyst wherein the catalyst is selected from LZ-210, LZ-210-M, LZ-210-T, LZ-210-A and mixtures thereof and is a zeolitic aluminosilicate which has a mole ratio of oxide in the dehydrated stat ...

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A solar air heater including a housing having a transparent front wall and an inlet and outlet for establishing a flow path for a gas such as air to be heated and a porous radiation absorbent collector plate positioned across the flow path and arranged to accept incident solar radiation passing thro ...

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The process for the oligomerization of linear and/or branched chain C.sub.2 to C.sub.12 olefins with non-zeolitic molecular sieves having a framework structure of MO.sub.2, AlO.sub.2 and PO.sub.2 tetrahedra and having an empirical chemical composition on an anhydrous basis expressed by the formula

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A radiator flush/fill apparatus and process employing a flushing apparatus having a modified radiator cap, a pumping device and an automobile radiator containing a liquid, wherein the flushing apparatus comprises a modified radiator cap having an elongated hollow tubular member forming an elongated ...

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A silicone/silicate-containing antifreeze characterized by dilute aqueous stability includes substituted organosilicon carboxylates characterized by the following formula: ##STR1## wherein M is a monovalent cation such as, for example, sodium; Z represents a moiety hydrolyzable to silanol; R.sup.1 r ...

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A draw tape bag comprising: (a) two panels formed from a thermoplastic material, the sides of said panels being joined on three sides and open on the fourth side to form a top in said bag; (b) a hem portion of each panel being folded over adjacent said top to form a tubular hem; (c) draw tapes in ea ...

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The instant invention generally relates to absorbents formed from compacting bentonite-containing materials containing an effective amount of the bentonite particles of a size under 100 U.S. mesh. The absorbent is compacted under effective compacting pressures to form a bentonite material suitable f ...

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A cleaning apparatus and method for removal and replacement of the liquid in an automotive cooling system by use of a pumping device and by access to liquid in the automotive cooling system through the neck opening of the radiator of the automotive cooling system. The prior art requirement of introd ...

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Titanium-containing molecular sieves are disclosed having use as molecular sieves and as catalyst compositions in hydrocarbon conversion and other processes. The instant invention employs novel titanium-containing molecular sieves comprising titanium, aluminum, phosphorus and oxygen and are generall ...

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The invention is directed to a microbiological interception enhanced filter medium, preferably having an adsorbent prefilter located upstream from the filter medium. Preferably, the prefilter is adapted to remove natural organic matter in an influent prior to the influent contacting the microbiologi ...