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A female closure element comprising a U-shaped channel element including a profile portion comprising a base portion having a pair of spaced-apart, parallelly disposed webs extending from the base portion and terminating in hooks extending nonlinearly from the webs and facing each other. The hooks e ...

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A solar heater including a housing having a transparent front wall for passing incident solar radiation, a radiation absorbent collector element positioned in the housing and arranged to accept incident solar radiation passing through the front wall, means for passing a fluid medium to be heated thr ...

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The process relates to the treatment of aqueous solutions of polyhydric alcohols to remove heavy metal components, oils, organic contaminants and, optionally, water. The process is particularly well suited for use in the treatment of spent antifreeze/coolant from the cooling systems of internal comb ...

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A process for the separation of mannose is disclosed which comprises the selective adsorption of same on certain types of zeolitic molecular sieves. The process is especially useful for separating mannose from glucose epimerization product or plant tissue hydrolyzate, using zeolites selected from th ...


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The process for the interconversion of "small olefins" selected from the class consisting of ethylene, propylene, butenes and mixtures thereof comprising contacting said small olefin(s) with non-zeolitic molecular sieves.

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A corrosion-inhibited heat transfer composition concentrate comprising an alcohol, an organosiloxane/silicate copolymer, and a corrosion inhibiting amount of a nitrate salt. Such coolant concentrate may suitably be diluted with from about 25% to about 90% by weight of water based upon the weight of ...

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Catalytic cracking catalysts and catalytic cracking process wherein the cracking catalysts are prepared by: (1) contacting a mixture of a large pore zeolite and an inorganic oxide matrix at effective conditions of temperature, pH and time with a fluoro salt; and (2) ammonium exchanging the product o ...

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A process and apparatus for high-speed waterjet cutting of moving extensible thermoplastic film at a selvage portion thereof wherein the film is supported during cutting by a solid support surface, the waterjet is captured in the course of cutting in an open passage within the support and the open p ...