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An interlocking closure fastening device comprising a first closure element having an omega-shaped profile portion, and a second complementary closure element having a plurality of omega-shaped profile portions spaced to interdigitate with the first closure element and occlude with the first closure ...

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Hair care compositions comprising polyelectrolyte complexes have superior hair setting capability for the hair.

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A process and apparatus for producing integral interlocking closure film stock useful in making reclosable containers by extruding a film of molten thermoplastic material onto a casting roll, extruding closure elements to contact and join said film at a point between about one inch and about five in ...

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Water-soluble polymers are rapidly dissolved by employing a concentrate of (i) a water-soluble particulate polymer, (ii) a water-insoluble organic vehicle which is a non-solvent for the polymer, (iii) a nonionic surfactant agent having an HLB in the ranges of 3-5 and 9-13 and if necessary, a thicken ...

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An antifreeze concentrate comprising an alcohol, buffer, silicate, and a silicate protecting agent comprising an alkane tetracarboxylic acid, preferably a 1, 2, 3, 4-alkane tetracarboxylic acid, and derivatives thereof. The antifreeze concentrate may suitably be diluted with from about 10% to about ...

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An interlocking closure fastening device comprising a first closure element and a second closure element wherein the first closure element or the second closure element may comprise a plurality of closure element units having the same or alternately different structures. The closure fastening device ...

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Disclosed is a hydrocarbon conversion process in which solid particles capable of promoting the conversion of a sulfur-containing hydrocarbon feedstock in intimate admixture with a minor amount of discrete entities effective to reduce atmospheric emissions of sulfur oxides from the process are circu ...

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The process for the production of hydrocarbons from a feedstock comprising compounds of the formula R--X wherein X is a moiety containing at least one of halogen, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen, wherein the feedstock is contacted with an aluminophosphate molecular sieve of U.S. Pat. No. 4,310,440 at e ...

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A silicone/silicate containing antifreeze characterized by dilute aqueous stability includes phosphonate silanes characterized by the following formula: ##STR1## wherein a is 0 or 1, b is 1 or 2, c is 0 or 1, R.sup.1 and R.sup.3 are selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, monovalent hydrocar ...

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Described herein is a process for enhancing the hydrophobicity of crystalline molecular sieves and also crystalline molecular sieve compositions which have enhanced hydrophobic character and modified catalytic properties. The crystalline molecular sieves are contacted with a silicon tetrafluoride ga ...