Jennifer J.-N. Liu
Li Mo, James A Spallin, Jennifer J Liu, Abinder S Dhillon, James H Buchanan, Badarinath Devalla: System and method for resizing the physical link bandwidth based on utilization thereof. Fujitsu, Marc A Hubbard, Gardere Wynne Sewell, July 17, 2007: US07245635 (9 worldwide citation)

A method for allocating and resizing a link on a communication medium is provided. The utilization of an allocated link is monitored and an unused bandwidth thereof is determined. Upon request for allocation of a second link, at least a portion of the unused bandwidth is included in the bandwidth of ...

Jennifer J.-N. Liu
Li Mo, Jennifer J Liu, Abinder S Dhillon, Nimer Yaseen, Xiao Hu: System and method to perform non-service effecting bandwidth reservation using a reservation signaling protocol. Fujitsu Network Communications, Gardere Wynne Sewell, October 30, 2007: US07289429 (6 worldwide citation)

A method to facilitate recovery of a node in a communications network is disclosed. The method comprises receiving one or more messages from at least another node in the communications network and restoring connectivity of a recovering node based at least in part on the received messages.

Jennifer J.-N. Liu
Li Mo, Jennifer J Liu, Abinder S Dhillon, James A Spallin: Network bandwidth reservation method. Fujitsu, Gardere Wynne Sewell, Marc A Hubbard, January 5, 2010: US07643492

A method of reserving bandwidth in a network includes the steps of receiving a reservation request for a bandwidth for a hose having one ingress point and at least one egress point, and reserving the requested bandwidth for each link in the hose and assigning a reservation identifier to the hose.

Lance M Middleton, Laura H Middleton: Tissue cavitation device and method. Gardere Wynne Sewell, June 8, 2004: US06746451 (338 worldwide citation)

A percutaneous surgical device and method for creating a cavity within tissue during a minimally invasive procedure. A cavitation device includes a shaft interconnected to a flexible cutting element. A flexible cutting element has a first shape suitable for minimally invasive passage into tissue. Th ...

Aaron Myer, W Eric Smith: Method and apparatus for controlling network devices. AMX Corporation, Gardere Wynne Sewell, June 3, 2003: US06574234 (221 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for controlling devices on a network, such as household devices on a home automation network is presented. The present invention provides an extended addressing option and an extended packet size option. The present invention further provides packet order control, partial pack ...

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A control system comprises a master controller and at least one device coupled to the master controller via a network. At least one generic device interface module resides on the master controller, where the device interface module defines a basic protocol for interface with any device. Configuratio ...

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A vehicle based data collection and processing system which may be used to collect various types of data from an aircraft in flight or from other moving vehicles, such as an automobile, a satellite, a train, etc. In various embodiments the system may include: computer console units for controlling v ...

James W McGinity, Feng Zhang: Hot-melt extrudable pharmaceutical formulation. The University of Texas System, Sanford E Warren Jr, Edwin S Flores, Gardere Wynne Sewell, December 3, 2002: US06488963 (130 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations comprising a hot-melt extrudable mixture of a therapeutic compound and a high molecular weight poly(ethylene oxide) in an essentially non-film like preparation. In some embodiments, the formulation further comprises poly(ethylene glycol). ...

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A communication protocol includes a packet protocol, which includes a protocol field for indicating the type of protocol, a length of data field for listing the length in bytes of the data field, a data field containing sub protocol data, and a checksum for determining the integrity of the packet.

Angelo Bosco, Massimo Mancuso: Noise filter for Bayer pattern image data. STMicroelectronics S r l, Gardere Wynne Sewell, May 6, 2008: US07369165 (122 worldwide citation)

A method of filtering an image filter is disclosed. The filter is provided for a digital camera including image sensors sensitive to light, a color filter placed over sensitive elements of the sensors and patterned according to a Bayer mosaic pattern layout and an interpolation algorithm joining tog ...