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An automatic wafer probing system is disclosed as being located inside an environmental box filled with a positive pressure dry inert gas. The wafer to be probed is mounted on a Thermochuck that has a high thermal contact with the wafer. The chuck can be precisely heated or cooled over the temperatu ...

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A unity gain amplifier circuit has a control characteristic which permits a variation of the high frequency roll off as a function of a control voltage. Means are provided to prevent a change of output voltage resulting from the control voltage variation.

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A power line carrier communications system transformer bridge/repeater for receiving on a power line communications network a series of original message bit streams generated by a transmitting module and for relaying on the power line communications network corresponding relayed message bit streams ...

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A voltage multiplier in which an n-phase circuit charges n-1 capacitors during the separate phases, then during the last or nth phase the capacitors are put in series to create n times the input voltage. MOS transistor devices are used to act as switches to charge a number of series connected capaci ...

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An apparatus for scanning a bar code affixed to an object and providing an electrical signal indicative of the scanned bar code. The apparatus includes a housing having a base portion and a window portion with the window portion being mounted above a rear section of the base portion. A forward secti ...

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A converter circuit employs a capacitor coupled through a selector switch to an analog voltage so that the capacitor is charged to the analog level. When a conversion is commanded, the capacitor is disconnected from the analog voltage and discharged through a constant current load. This results in a ...

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A CERDIP housing is provided with a heat pipe that passes through the closure seal lid whereby the heat pipe terminates within the housing cavity at the hot end thereof. A quantity of working fluid, such as fluorinated octane, is contained within the package cavity. The heat pipe communicates with c ...

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An encapsulated die package (20) is shown in which a semiconductor die is connected in a die-attach aperture of a copper foil tape (11). Die contact pads (31) are bonded to the inner ends (31a) of interconnected finger contacts (13) on the tape. Finger contacts etched in the foil include splayed out ...

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A tape assembly process attaches semiconductor chips to a tape via thermocompression gang bonding and the tape is wound onto a reel. The tape is fabricated during its manufacture to have a plurality of spaced finger array patterns. The inner finger ends are located so as to mate with the bonding pad ...

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A method and structure for performing data synchronization by delaying the input data for substantially one-half of the VCO signal period and then comparing the phase of the delayed input data to the VCO signal. The phase difference is filtered and controls the frequency of the VCO signal to align t ...