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A molecule selective sensor having two permeable membranes in contacting relationship with each other, one membrane being a protein membrane found in nature, as for example, hog intestine membrane, air bladder of fish, epidermal section of mammals and reptiles, etc. and the other membrane being the ...

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A variable shelf organizer adapted to being assembled to provide shelf organizers of various sizes. The elements are constructed so that portions of them may be cut or broken away to adjust the length and/or width thereof and so that the parts interlock to give product troughs of various lengths and ...

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A hair conditioning composition containing an amino functional silicone polymer in aqueous emulsion such as amodimethicone, and an effective amount for increasing the combability of hair of a cationic surfactant-emulsifier containing at least one long chain fatty acid residue which has between 12 an ...

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An aqueous composition useful for conditioning hair consisting essentially of an aqueous carrier containing a cationic polymer product and amphoteric surfactant product in specified proportions and having a pH in the range of from about 1 to about 6.

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A hair conditioning composition relatively stable toward repeated shampooings comprising an aqueous acidic composition containing a cationic polymer product, an amphoteric surfactant product and a betaine and a process for treating hair, particularly hair containing an alkaline residue from prior ha ...

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A spring leg with load proportional limited damping for use on a vehicle, includes a telescoping shock absorber including a piston and cylinder and a load bearing air suspension connected to a gas pressure system and having the walls surrounding the air space thereof comprising an elastic jacket and ...

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A compressed and formed alkaline component suitable for use in a buffered aspirin product. The alkaline component is made of alkaline materials selected from the group consisting of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide and mixtures thereof and having incorpora ...

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Process for the purification of water that is polluted with diffuse substances originating from ablation, such as fertilizers, mineral and soil particles, oils, wastes, detergents, and primarily inorganic substances, which might accelerate undesirable entrophication of the receiving waters such as l ...

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The invention relates to a self-adjusting medical sole and/or medical instep-raiser having one or more closed hoses made from flexible material and filled with soft, plastic material, foam, granules, or powder.

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A flexible, multilayer high-pressure hose with a diameter over 50 mm. It is suitable for conveying gases and gas-containing fluids. The hose contains a structure to vent gases and it is stable to the environment and to the material being conveyed therethrough.