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A biodegradable and biocompatible polyester comprising (C.sub.3-10) alkylene carbonic acid ester units, each alkylene group being a C.sub.3 -alkylene group having 1 oxy substituent or a (C.sub.4-10) alkylene group having 2-8 oxy substituents, each of the oxy substituents occurring individually as a ...

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Benzodiazepine analogs of the formula: ##STR1## are disclosed which are antagonists of gastrin and cholecystokinin (CCK).

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A novel polysaccharide S-60 is disclosed composed of principally carbohydrate, 10-15% protein, and 3-4.5% acetyl groups as the O-glycosidically linked ester. The carbohydrate portion contains about 11% glucuronic acid (based on wt. gum) and the neutral sugars rhamnose and glucose, the latter having ...

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Uniform starch particles prepared from one or more starches selected from tapioca, corn, waxy maize, potato, sago, arrowroot and cereal; and one or more gelling hydrocolloids selected from sodium alginate, sodium pectate, hydroxypropylcellulose, methylcellulose, methylhydroxypropylcellulose, methyle ...

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An infusion apparatus includes a pump and a fluid delivery set. The infusion apparatus is adapted to monitor the fluid delivery set for insuring proper placement in relation to the pump. The infusion apparatus further includes a sensor which operates to detect the proper alignment of the fluid deliv ...

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Deacetylated Polysaccharide S-60, prepared by deacetylating the polysaccharide S-60 produced by fermentation of Pseudomonas elodea, ATCC 31461, has valuable properties in both the clarified and non-clarified form, and is useful as an agar substitute or a shapeable room deodorant.

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Haemophilus influenzae type B polysaccharide is coupled through a spacer to a serotype outer membrane protein from Neisseria meningitidis. This conjugate has enhanced antigenicity and immunogenicity relative to the unconjugated polysaccharide.

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The new heteropolysaccharide S-130, prepared by fermentation of an unnamed Alcaligenes species, ATCC 31555 has valuable properties as a thickening, suspending and stabilizing agent in aqueous systems. It is especially useful in formulating oil well drilling fluids and muds. Its chemical composition ...

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The invention relates to a sensor platform based on at least two planar, separate, inorganic dielectric waveguiding regions on a common substrate and to a method for the parallel evanescent excitation and detection of the luminescence of identical or different analytes. The invention relates also to ...

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Compounds of the Formulae: ##STR1## are antagonists of leukotrienes of C.sub.4, D.sub.4 and E.sub.4, the slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis. These compounds are useful as anti-asthmatic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective agents.