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A perfusion filter catheter is used to capture potential emboli within the aorta during heart surgery and cardiopulmonary bypass. An expandable embolic filter assembly having fine filter mesh for capturing macroemboli and microemboli is mounted on a catheter shaft having a perfusion lumen with perfu ...

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A catheter delivers an electrode within a vein for a minimally invasive treatment of esophageal varices using RF energy. The catheter is introduced into and positioned within the section of the vein to be treated. The electrode radiates high frequency energy towards the vein, and the surrounding ven ...

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Apparatus for diagnosis of a skin disease site using spectral analysis includes a light source for generating light to illuminate the disease site and a probe unit optically connected to the light source for exposing the disease site to light to generate fluorescence and reflectance light. The probe ...

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Graft having a bifurcation for repairing an aneurysm in the vicinity of an aortic bifurcation in a patient comprising a main tubular body and first and second tubular legs joined to said main body in a bifurcation. The main body and the legs are formed of a flexible surgically implantable material. ...

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A device for allowing either perfumed materials or deodorizing materials to the surrounding air of a vehicle, includes a clip device adapted to be connected to an air vent fin. The device is adapted to be inserted into the vent where it will be less intrusive into space outside the vent.

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The collapsible shelter includes a truss and canopy framework that permits a flexible, collapsible canopy to be moved between a raised position and a lowered position. The collapsible shelter includes at least three legs supporting flexible poles removably mounted to the tops of the legs and forming ...

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Successive packets of signals representing data are transmitted at progressive (hopping) frequencies from a controlled (e.g. transmitting) station to a controlling (e.g. receiving) station which processes the signals to recover the data. The frequencies of the signals are selected at the controlling ...

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An apparatus for the mechanical and orificial coupling of a conventional liquid gas fuel supply container and/or supply outlet fixture to a control valve and/or similar secondary fuel outlet port. The coupling apparatus comprises a shaft modifying the inlet of a conventional control valve, which pro ...

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A key in a vehicle socket closes contacts to reset a vehicle microcontroller to a neutral state. Ribs disposed in a particular pattern in the key operate switches in a particular pattern in the vehicle to provide an address for the vehicle with the vehicle inactive but powered. When the vehicle rece ...