Reinhardt N Sabee: Diaper with waist band elastic. Tuff Spun Products, Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, May 30, 1989: US04834741 (208 worldwide citation)

Disposable garments such as disposable diapers are disclosed that possess improved elastic characteristics. At least one garment outer sheet is composed of a drawable fabric, such as melt blown polymeric fibers or melt spun filaments. An elastic element is affixed in the relaxed condition to a web o ...

Henry J Beaudoin, Donald W Lammers, John A McCabe: Apparatus for applying an elastic waistband transversely of a longitudinally moving web. Curt G Joa, Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, May 15, 1990: US04925520 (130 worldwide citation)

An elastic ribbon is fed over a vacuum drum. Rotating cutter blades use the drum as an anvil to cut the ribbon into spaced apart segments. A sheet comprising a diaper web runs over a roll that is spaced from the drum. A segment transferring and stretching device is arranged between the drum and roll ...

Raul Chirife: Cardiac pacemaker adaptive to physiological requirements. Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, January 19, 1988: US04719921 (127 worldwide citation)

A cardiac pacemaker has a pacing pulse generator whose rate is adjusted as a function of the cardiac output requirements of the body that are commensurate with the activity of the individual. The length of the ventricular preejection period (PEP) is governed by body hormones as well as direct nerve ...

Peter B Brockhaus: Convertible cooler and cushion. Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, July 7, 1987: US04679242 (114 worldwide citation)

A variable volume insulated container is manufactured from a flexible cover and a laminated insulator. The laminate is constructed of at least one layer of air bubbles encapsulated between sheets of heat reflecting thin flexible material. The bubble layers provide excellent insulative qualities. The ...

Reinhardt N Sabee: Stabilized continuous filament web. Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, March 20, 1990: US04910064 (92 worldwide citation)

A non-woven web is provided that has conformability and drapability approaching that of woven fabrics. The non-woven web comprises a number of substantially parallel continuous filaments that are stabilized by melt blown fibers to create a coherent web. The continuous filaments are molecularly orien ...

Richard A Keller: Articulated power-driven shopping cart. Orthokinetics, Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, September 20, 1988: US04771840 (83 worldwide citation)

An articulated shopping cart-tractor unit with a seat is provided for the handicapped. The tractor unit is connected to a conventional shopping cart by a bracket and coupling.

John L Hirsch, Mark L Wingender: Stacker with a yoke-type stripping device. Curt G Joa, Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, February 7, 1989: US04802570 (64 worldwide citation)

A yoke-type stripper for an article stacker in which a series of paddles extending horizontally from vertically moving conveyor chains each carries an article that becomes a member of the stack. The stripper has rear and front rows of laterally spaced apart vertical bars. Carrier bars extending hori ...

Anthony R Chandek, Leon J Weistroffer, Donald E Cooper, Daniel A Bates: Document carrier envelope. Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, February 17, 1987: US04644144 (63 worldwide citation)

A document carrier envelope is particularly useful for protectively transporting checks being returned from an institution on which the check was written to the institution at which the check was deposited. The envelope is of opaque stock, thereby preserving confidentiality of the return check. The ...

Michael Novitski: Self-locking mounting clip system. Krueger, Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, May 2, 1989: US04826115 (62 worldwide citation)

A system for mounting storage cabinets and the like to a vertical frame comprises a mounting clip that has a plurality of notched angled connectors. The angled connectors are designed to engage cooperating slots in the vertical frame. The angled nature of the connectors requires that the cabinet be ...

John L Hirsch, Martin J Osypowski: Apparatus for rotating and compressing a stack of pads. Curt G Joa, Fuller Puerner & Hohenfeldt, July 12, 1988: US04756141 (59 worldwide citation)

A machine for conditioning a stack of pads, such as sanitary pads, for packaging includes a rotor. Radially extending chambers having closed sides and open front and rear ends are fastened to the rotor. There is a compressor plunger in each chamber. The plungers are carried on guide rods extending f ...