Eb Eshun
Coolbaugh Douglas D, Eshun Ebenezer E, He Zhong Xiang, Murphy William J, Ramachandran Vidhya: Method of forming semiconductor parts and semiconductor parts. Ibm, fu jianjun, December 7, 2005: CN200510064820

A method to integrate MIM capacitors into conductive interconnect levels, with low cost impact, and high yield, reliability and performance than existing integration methods is provided. This is accomplished by recessing a prior level dielectric for MIM capacitor level alignment followed by depositi ...

Maita Tomoji, Aritake Keiwa, Satake Takao: Illuminating apparatus and liquid crystal display. Fujitsu, fu jianjun, March 19, 2003: CN02106197 (17 worldwide citation)

A backlight for an LCD panel comprising light sources 12a, 12b for emitting light, a plurality of light reflection portions 20 formed on a reflection side for reflecting light incident from the light sources, and a linear photoconductor 14 for causing the light to exit from an exit side opposite the ...

Sajid Ahmed: System and method of decision making. Igotpain Com, fu jianjun, February 19, 2003: CN01804725 (8 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to information systems theories and expert systems theories. The present invention provides a process, apparatus and method for decision making, based on emulation of the human decision-making process using expert-generated primary bias values, wherein a primary bias va ...

Peter Aj Van Der Made: Analytical virtual machine. Vcis, fu jianjun, February 18, 2004: CN01817914 (4 worldwide citation)

An analytical virtual machine (AVM) analyzes computer code using a software processor including a register that stores behavior flags indicative of behaviors identified by virtually executing the code within the virtual machine. The AVM includes a sequencer that stores the sequence in which behavior ...

Roland Winston: Solar concentrator gap and its receiver design. Solar Enterprises International, fu jianjun, September 10, 2003: CN01812801 (3 worldwide citation)

A gap between absorber and reflector of a solar concentrator. A gap is required in a solar concentrator for thermal isolation reasons and the position of the receiver relative to reflector and a notch are optimized for best solar collection efficiency.

Henrique Malvar, Paul England: System and method for protecting data streams in hardware components. Microsoft, fu jianjun, March 5, 2003: CN01804971 (3 worldwide citation)

A scrambling architecture protects data streams in the operating system and hardware components of a computer by scrambling the otherwise raw data prior to the data being handled by the operating system. The architecture has a scrambler implemented at either the client or the server that adds noise ...

Anthony Shorter: Interactive on line marketing system and method therefor. The Only Co, fu jianjun, September 17, 2003: CN01813163 (3 worldwide citation)

An interactive on line marketing system which allows the marketing by a supplier of products and/or services to a remote participant consumer through a supplier web site established by a host provider, wherein said remote participant consumer participates in an on line game, competition or the like ...

Ichikawa Masahide, Okawaguchi Ayao, Kato Takaken: Generating system using after-heat. Meidensha, fu jianjun, October 23, 2002: CN02107484 (2 worldwide citation)

A generating system using after-heat includes a micro-gas turbine generating equipment and a low-temperature ammonia absorption type refrigerator, wherein the refrigerator uses the waste heat of the generating equipment as heat source to adsorb/desorb ammonia at/from the absorption agent to supply t ...

Fang Ruilin: Level/position sensor and related electronic circuitry for interactive toy. Fang Ruilin, fu jianjun, May 14, 2003: CN01803482 (2 worldwide citation)

A sensor for use in an interactive electronic device. The sensor comprises a base member having at least one recess formed therein which is partially defined by a peripheral wall thereof. Disposed within the peripheral wall of the base member is at least one switch. Also disposed within the recess i ...

Kyong Hyun Chan: Battery charging device for various type of cellular phone. Solco Alphatronics, fu jianjun, August 13, 2003: CN01811266 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to battery charger for cellular phones of many different types, which charger comprising: a body; a mounting means to mount an inserted cellular phone; a contact terminal section, which in turn comprises a vertical contact terminal to be connected with the back contact ...