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A surgical device for stapling and fastening body tissues, comprises an insertion section extending from an operation section for insertion into a body cavity, stapling member connected to a distal end of the insertion section, for treating body tissues with a high-frequency current within a body ca ...

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The closing plug and the closing plug device are used for closing a body defect percutaneously. During the insertion into the defect, the closing plug can be deformed to a smaller size to facilitate the insertion operation and recovered to its original larger shape after it is fitted to the defect, ...

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A surgical device for stapling and fastening body tissues, which comprises a staple-applying section containing a plurality of staples, a staple pusher incorporated in the staple-applying section, for applying the staples, an anvil section for deforming the staples, thereby to staple the body tissue ...

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At least two television reception tuners are used in a viewing center system, one for the television signals and the other for supplementary information transmitted during the blanking intervals and separated in the reception center by a data separation stage. A programmable control stage including ...

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A method of firmly securing a catheter body to a surface portion of human skin, without causing the catheter body to be bent or reducing the diameter of the inner passage of the catheter body. This method employs a catheter-securing member which comprises a cylindrical body for allowing the catheter ...

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A guide wire for a catheter having a body portion comparatively high in rigidity and a distal end portion comparatively flexible.

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An information signal (INF) which is transmitted in coded form (CINF) from a signal source (RC) to a signal receiver (4,5) is decoded at the receiver and at the same time marked (MINF) by the introduction of an identification information (ID) which is characteristic of the receiver or its possessor. ...

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A data carrier (preferably shaped as a credit card or the like) holds information about the owner, card issuing organization, account number, etc., and comprises an internal processor for processing supplied identification information of the owner during a card verification process, and for generati ...

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A device is used for precisely measuring an electrocardiographic wave and sphygmus. The device displays a number of sphygmus or the highest and lowest blood pressure on the basis of measured data. In the device, it is judged if an electrocardiographic wave signal generated from an electrocardiograph ...

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Disclosed are an instrument for expanding a tubular organ such as a blood vessel and for keeping the tubular organ expanded for a predetermined period of time, and a catheter for mounting said instrument at a desired position within the tubular organ, said catheter being capable of moving and recove ...