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An electrolyte fluid purging electrosurgical device for use with an electrode holder connected to an electrical power source and to a source of a non-electrically conductive fluid and a method of use are disclosed. The fluid purging electrosurgical device enables electrosurgery at a surgical site wh ...

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A biochemical membrane covered with sialic residues thereby provides a coating that masks the surface membrane from recognition and removal by the scavenging RES cells of the body.

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An improved electrosurgery electrode is disclosed for cooperation with an electrode holder connected to a source of electrical power. The improved electrode comprises a solid electrode shaft having a first and a second end with a shaft connector electrically connecting the first end of the electrode ...

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A vacuum sleeve is disclosed for removing severed tissue from a surgical site. The vacuum sleeve is used in conjunction with a surgical appliance having a cutting element and the vacuum sleeve is connected to a vacuum source. The vacuum sleeve includes an elongated body member having a distal and a ...

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A method is described herein for implanting in the cornea and limbal area a device partially embedded and partially extending anteriorly, a preferred embodiment comprising one or more loops of small sized porous ropes, cords, bands or hollow tubes, which device has one end or section thereof extendi ...

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A targeted drug delivery system which has specificity for hepatobiliary receptors, which are the specialized metabolic cells of the liver. Hereinafter, this will be referred to as a Hepatocyte Directed Vesicle, or abbreviated as HDV. This preferred directed delivery system utilizes a bipolar lipid f ...

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A central drive personal mobility vehicle is disclosed comprising a frame having a right and a left frame mounting located in a trailing frame portion of the frame with a seat being mounted to an intermediate portion of the frame. A right and a left leaf spring extend between a proximal end and a di ...

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A system is disclosed for dispensing a liquid at a desired temperature from a hot liquid pressure line and a cold liquid pressure line to a plurality of liquid outlets such as a bathtub, a sink or the like. The system controls the temperature of the liquid flowing from the plurality of liquid output ...

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An epidural needle and method of use are disclosed involving a needle shaft having a first end and a second end with an axial channel extending therebetween. The first end of the needle shaft includes an inclined surface and a rounded and blunted point. The second end of the needle includes an attac ...

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A dental implant is disclosed for rigidly anchoring a prosthesis to a jawbone implant site. The first embodiment of the dental implant comprises a center post having a boss connected to the proximal end thereof. A plurality of fins extend radially outward along the center post along the entire longi ...