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A method and apparatus for providing a tricuspid heart valve that can be assembled with autogenous or foreign tissue using a prefabricated kit comprised of two stents that mate together and a sewing ring, one stent inside or below the other, with the tissue clamped between the stents. The inner or l ...

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A stereotactic method and apparatus for treating a region of a patient's body defines points in the region using a three-dimensional coordinate system with reference to a ring attached to the patient for establishing a reference point for the three-dimensional coordinate system at the center of the ...

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Amplifiers, optionally having complementary (positive and negative) outputs, are connected to a matrix of input and output conductors (where the output conductors are each a pair for the case of complementary amplifier outputs). Each connection is implemented with a resistors R.sub.ij =R.sub.ji conn ...

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A network for enabling a local area telephone system to simultaneously carry digital data and analog voice signals on the same tansmission medium. Such a system typically includes a PBX and twisted wire pairs connected to distributed telephone handsets. The network incorporates distributed station u ...

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A system for remotely controlling multiple light strings to achieve a wide variety of visual effects including, on the same string, variations in color, blink rate, and brightness.

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A monitor is described for use with an intravenous injection system of the type that includes an accumulator (18) located between the pump (14) and the needle (28) that connects to the patient's vein. The monitor generates an alarm when there is infiltration (no resistance to outflow, as when the ne ...

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A method and device for detecting tooth decay by utilizing a temperature sensitive material brought into contact with a user's teeth to visibly indicate a temperature differential between teeth in close proximity to each other.

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A temperature sensitive shower diverter valve and method for diverting shower water used between a source of shower water and a shower head to control the flow of water to the shower head. The diverter valve is positioned between the wall outlet pipe and the shower head. The valve has an inlet port ...

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An optically pumped single mode laser, e.g., Nd:YAG crystal (20) with planoconcave mirrors is increased in efficiency by an order of magnitude to about 8% by optics (25, 27) for focusing the high power multimode output of laser diode arrays (21, 22) into the mode volume (20') of the laser medium (20 ...

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Memory cells in a matrix are provided by a thin film of amorphous semiconductor material overlayed by a thin film of resistive material. An array of parallel conductors on one side perpendicular to an array of parallel conductors on the other side enable the amorphous semiconductor material to be sw ...