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A tubular, radially self-expanding stent includes a latticework of interbraided, helically wound resilient structural strands. An axial control member is secured to the tubular latticework at axially spaced apart proximal and distal coupling locations. At the proximal location, the control member is ...

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A self-expanding stent formed from helically wound and braided filaments of bioabsorbable polymers such as PLA, PLLA, PDLA, and PGA.

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An anterior cervical plate is disclosed, along with threaded fasteners for securing the plate to vertebrae or other osseous material. The cervical plate has several pockets or apertures, preferably at least four, to receive a corresponding number of the fasteners. The pockets have spherical surfaces ...

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The invention relates to a stent-graft with a bioabsorbable structure and a permanent graft for luminal support and treatment of arterial fistulas, occlusive disease, and aneurysms. The bioabsorbable structure is formed from braided filaments of materials such as PLA, PLLA, PDLA, and PGA and the gra ...

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An improved fibrin glue delivery system is disclosed. The delivery system is comprised of a pair of syringe tubes which can be actuated by plungers simultaneously or independently, a connecting member which holds the syringe tubes in parallel alignment and a unique needle assembly which ensures the ...

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An implantable devices for the effective elimination of an arrhythmogenic site from the myocardium is presented. By inserting small biocompatible conductors and/or insulators into the heart tissue at the arrhythmogenic site, it is possible to effectively eliminate a portion of the tissue from the el ...

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A temporary and retrievable radiopaque marker and discrete radiopaque marker for use on an implantable endoprosthesis. The elongate marker has a proximal end, a distal end, and a thickness. At least a portion of the marker is radiopaque and the marker is removably-attached to the implantable endopro ...

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An electronic apparatus for sensing the percentage of different blood constituents in arterial blood. Light of a plurality of separate wave lengths is sequentially made to pass through a portion of the body, either by direct transmission or scattering so that the pulsatile blood flow modulates the i ...

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A system is disclosed which may be used for collecting television channel tuning data, household purchase data, VCR channel usage data and the like; on site at a plurality of preselected households, wherein the system concentrates and transmits the collected data to a central site in a fault toleran ...

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A system is disclosed, for administering a therapeutic agent locally and to a depth within cardiac tissue. An elongate, flexible catheter contains a flexible electric conductor and supports at its distal end an implantable electrode incorporating a penetrating element, typically a fixation helix or ...