James Doherty
Donald B Doherty, Henry Chu, James D Huffman: Blocked stepped address voltage for micromechanical devices. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Charles A Brill, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, November 12, 2002: US06480177 (205 worldwide citation)

A method of addressing an array of spatial light modulator elements. The method divides the array into blocks of elements, provides reset lines (MRST) to each of the block of elements, separate from the other blocks of elements, as well as address voltage supplies (VCC

Eb Eshun
Ebenezer Eshun: Structure and method for integrating front end SiCr resistors in HiK metal gate technologies. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Jacqueline J Garner, Wade J Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, March 25, 2014: US08680618 (4 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit having a replacement HiK metal gate transistor and a front end SiCr resistor. The SiCr resistor replaces the conventional polysilicon resistor in front end processing and is integrated into the contact module. The first level of metal interconnect is located above the SiCr resi ...

Robert T Killian: Electronic programming system and method. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Robert L Troike, Frederick J Telecky Jr, December 19, 2000: US06163316 (417 worldwide citation)

An electronic programming guide (70) operates on a computing platform (12) associated with a television (40). The platform (12) accesses a program listing database (48) containing program listing information (6) for a plurality of television programs. The electronic programming guide (70) includes a ...



Christopher Adam Crane, Tom J Bannon, Daniel Martin Donahue, Donald Wayne Adkins, Judd England Heape, Andrew Kendall Smith, Thomas M Siep: Method of modeling player position and movement in a virtual reality system. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Tammy L Williams, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, April 25, 2000: US06054991 (313 worldwide citation)

In a virtual reality system (20) an operator perceives being in a virtual reality world (74) of virtual reality images (62). The system (20) models the relative position and movement of objects (208 and 210) in a virtual reality world (74) by representing graphically a first (208) and second (210) o ...


Duane E Carter, James D Huffman, Rodney D Miller, Brian L Ray, Robert E Meier: Reduced micromirror mirror gaps for improved contrast ratio. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Charles A Brill, Frederick J Telecky Jr, Richard L Donaldson, February 22, 2000: US06028690 (298 worldwide citation)

A micromirror array fabricated on a semiconductor substrate 708. The micromirrors in the micromirror array logically divided into an interior active region 704 which selectively modulates light striking the mirrors in the interior active region 704, and an exterior border region 702 for producing a ...

E Earle Thompson, Thomas W DeMond: System for imaging of light-sensitive media. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Charles A Brill, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, April 11, 2000: US06049317 (280 worldwide citation)

A digitized video system having a processor and a video memory. The processor converts a stream of digital information to extract the information in a format to be usable with a moving display surface. A spatial light modulator is connected to a video memory connected to the processor to display the ...