John J Rozmus: Golf club. Frederick J Olsson, June 29, 1976: US03966210 (189 worldwide citation)

A gold club (either wood, iron or putter) constructed to cause the striking face to be aligned normal to the line of swing both during the swing and at the instant of impact and also constructed to provide, at the instant of impact, a high moment of inertia with respect to the center line, the align ...

Charles T Flachbarth, Richard D Benscoter, James E Sheridan: Flush floor fitting. Butler Manufacturing Company, Frederick J Olsson, April 17, 1984: US04443654 (68 worldwide citation)

Fitting comprises an attaching ring secured to a pair of adjacent underfloor ducts and spanning the pre-punched access holes in the ducts, the attaching ring retains adjusting screws which in turn support an adjustable carpet plate which carries power/telephone outlets.

John L Myers, David L Singleton: Flush type floor box. Textron, Frederick J Olsson, May 11, 1976: US03956573 (58 worldwide citation)

Flush type floor box including a flat floor plate assembly having a pair of caps which cover a duplex receptacle. For access to the receptacle the caps are pried up and swung away by using a tool such as the tip of a screwdriver. The floor plate can be adjusted vertically and tilted in a vertical po ...

Charles T Flachbarth, John L Myers: Service poles and accessories. Textron, Frederick J Olsson, April 5, 1977: US04015397 (44 worldwide citation)

A power-telephone service pole having a cover which is removable simply by being pried off when the pole is installed so that the telephone compartment is readily available and having a T-bar/tie-rod hanger and a power junction box which cooperate with the removable cover to permit the pole to be qu ...

Richard D Benscoter: Transition fitting. Textron, Frederick J Olsson, August 7, 1979: US04163572 (40 worldwide citation)

A pair of self-clamping couplings are secured to the opposite walls of a feeder duct. The ends of a pair of branch ducts are respectively supported on the couplings. A cover closes off the space between the branch ducts and is held in position by engagement with the ends of the branch ducts.

J Paul Jones: Thermal barrier. Frederick J Olsson, July 26, 1977: US04037639 (36 worldwide citation)

Moveable barrier to cover and uncover building window and the like to control thermal energy transmission. Barrier includes group of elongated hollow, slats mounted on tracks and connected by pivots. Slats form generally rectangular shaped moveable panel. Material of tracks and slats and the dead ai ...

J Paul Jones: Low trauma suturing. Patent Research & Development, Frederick J Olsson, March 22, 1988: US04732151 (34 worldwide citation)

For use in suturing: (a) Thin steel needle put into flesh (using a tool) on one side of the wound until anchor fixed to a needle engages flesh. At that time point of needle will protrude. Anchor crimped on the protruding side; (b) Anchors are in ball form with square cavities to accept projections o ...

Raymond E Mayer: Display units. Frederick J Olsson, December 14, 1976: US03997220 (30 worldwide citation)

Basic components of unit are: 4 .times. 8 foot panel supported to stand in an upright position: openings or cutouts in the panel; each opening contains a pop-in/pop-out molded plastic display tray for storing and/or displaying articles. Panels have quick connect/disconnect fasteners for joining. As ...

Timothy S Bowman: Activation kits for presets. Frederick J Olsson, September 5, 1989: US04864078 (30 worldwide citation)

For a preset having a cover and an annular ring supporting the cover, structure to releasably hold the cover in closed position and to move the cover with respect to the ring as between closed and open positions, the structure including a deforming surface on the ring; a deformable head on the cover ...

Robert W Hadfield: Access means for flush floor fitting. Butler Manufacturing Company, Frederick J Olsson, November 3, 1992: US05160808 (30 worldwide citation)

Simplified access device for flush floor fittings in the form of a track mounted slider. The slider can be manipulated between a closed position wherein the interior of the fitting is shut off to any desired minimum opening position to accommodate exiting of one or more cables. The slider is never d ...